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Which was the best high school year for you?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3155points) January 14th, 2010

Well, I’ve been claiming that my grade 10 year was my best high school year. But now that I think of it, maybe since I’ve claimed that it was the best for so long, I just made myself believe it was the best, and incomparable.

Grade 9 year was more getting adjusted to the school, the new people and trying to fit in, and grade 10 was when I joined a lot of things, made a lot of new friends, tried a lot of stuff, then grade 11 was when I gained a lot of weight and quit everything, felt really lazy and did nothing but school and occasionally went out.

Now I’m in grade 12, I’m trying to make the year as best as I can. Right now, I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s stressful at times though, but the last year in high school! I still can’t get it out of my head, I keep claiming that my grade 10 year was the best, and so I really can’t tell if this year is better.

Which year of high school was the best for you? And why?

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Definetely the 12th grade. i had a rock and roll band back then and we were very famous. we played not only at my school, but many other schools. when playing other schools, we would come in past the 1st and even the 2nd periods. no one ever challenged our tardiness because of my playing in my band. we played so much that year, that i never needed an excuse for being late. all the teachers just understood it and accepted it.

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I have to say Junior year. I was in band, musical theater, drama, and I had a boyfriend who was a senior and a lot of friends who were seniors. My senior year was also fun but a lot of my good friends were already gone.

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SENIOR YEARRRRRR… because it’s senior year!!! great parties, great friends, great, great, great

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Definitely Grade 12.

Now, they were all great, don’t get me wrong. I am a person who thoroughly enjoyed high school, even though I was in the closet the whole time. I know for some people it’s “hell”, but that just wasn’t the case for me. I look back on those 1200 pictures of me taken during my four years of high school and it instills in me a feeling of nostalgia. I loved that time-period from 2005–2009.

Grade 12 was the best because it was the most fun. I had some of the greatest teachers in the whole school that year, I had the most fun outside of school because of parties and what not, and of course, who could forget the Senior Fashion Show? Additionally, the summer of ‘09 was the greatest time of my entire life. That is not an exaggeration.

Yes, there was the stress of college applications, but most of that went smoothly for me, except for my whole UCLA vs. Stanford dilemma. I literally lost sleep over that. Not fun.

Grade 11 ranks second. Grade 10 and 9 are kind of tied. Nothing wrong with them per se, just not as good in comparison with 11 & 12.

Additionally, Grade 11 was the year I finally started to get taller and my voice started to deepen…lol…late bloomer ftw.

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The last day of the final year was the best day ever – putting that horrible era behind me once and for all. What a pain! High Schoolus Horribilus.

Yesterday, a young girl of 19 was chatting me up – and when I got around to telling her about my kids, it was then I realized she was actually flirting with me. I said – how old do you think I am – she replied 35–37. I looked at her astonished (I am about 10 years older than that) and she said – oh sorry, younger? I said no – but you just made my day – I have a daughter your age.

Been feeling better in my thirties and forties than I ever felt in High School – I am always jealous of kids who enjoy those years. Wish I could’ve – they still haunt me.

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Grade 12 for sure.

Even better than that was leaving and going to University though.

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10th It was fun. I had good classes, a fairly good social life and a nice boyfriend.

I barely remember 9th so it must not have been very special.
I hated 11th.
I never thought 12th would end – the last few months were hell in slow motion.

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Senior year. I owned the school.

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Junior year fall was hands down the best. I had the best four friends anyone could ask for, classes were only starting to get challenging – and even then I was still doing well -, my parents were finally starting to loosen up and let me go out, and I had a wonderful boyfriend. I was absolutely on top of the world. I didn’t mind getting out of bed in the morning. ‘Course, all good things come to an end. lolz.

Senior year sucked cock for the most part. College apps, my four best friends split up, etc. The end of high school was rather sad, not because I was leaving people I loved, but because I realized that I wouldn’t miss the grand majority of my grade whatsoever. It made me feel rather disconnected, and doubting that I had spent my time wisely for the past four years.

Freshman year was hell, but that’s no new story. Sophomore year was simply insignificant.

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At my age, high school is a blur. There was nothing good except that’s where my future wife and I went to school. I have many memories about our courtship, but very few about high school except that I never could climb the rope in gym class.

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Probably senior year. I expanded my social scene; I actually had stuff to do on the weekends and people to hang with. I was able to drive. I had more freedom, my mom eased up on me. I wasn’t mopey all the time. Junior year was good too, though, cause I did really well in all my classes (especially math, which was a huge change), got an awesome SAT score, and wasn’t too stressed (contrary to what everyone says about junior year).

Sophomore year was the worst year of my life. I hated every day. I was doing terrible in math. I had an impossible internet love affair with a boy halfway across the country, that left me waking up with a pit in my stomach every morning. I put off homework to talk to him every night, stayed up late to finish, getting little sleep. I would be too tired to shower at night. I was tired, dirty, depressed, miserable, insecure (Not that dirty, I still showered 3–4 times a week). I hated everybody, really had no friends outside my circle of 3 best friends from elementary, and empty acquaintances. I wanted a boyfriend but didn’t have one, thought kissing a boy was the biggest deal in the world, that I needed to do it right now, but it wasn’t happening… I felt hopeless, ugly, stupid, like a reject. My best friend and I would sit and talk online about how much we hated our lives, how we couldn’t get boyfriends, how our lives were dry and monotonous. Freshman year was pretty depressing too. As a freshman I was just really young and felt estranged and insignificant. Worshipped senior boys. The usual.

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Senior year was the worst for my entire school.
I’d have to say 11th grade.

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That’s easy. Grade 11. I skipped it.

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Senior year hands on! WOW! what a blast.. expecially after i turned 18!. Porn shop, rave parties, and staying out super late!.

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10th grade. I figured out how school worked, the classes were more interesting, I was involved in clubs. 11th grade was a lot harder work because of the college prep stuff, but the content more interesting. 12th grade, my older friends were gone, and I was ready to leave myself.

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Junior year (11th grade). I did well scholastically, I got a job and had a little of my own money, and I was popular with the people in the year ahead of me.

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