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How do I retreive a lost iPhone application?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) February 29th, 2008

I just received my 16Gb iPhone, great! It is now unlocked/jailbroken but I have of some reason lost the “Pictures” application. It is not only gone from the Spring Board but from the file system itself. I think it should be possible to get a copy of this folder from another iPhone owner and just add it to my device. Does anyone want to help out having an iPhone? Or does somebody have a solution how to restore this application?

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It could just be hidden. I think you need Summerboard to make the program visible again. I might be wrong on the name of the program, but whatever it is you can find it at

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Thank you, I took a look at the site. Nothing about the Pictures application there. I already have Summerboard installed and cannot find anything about hidden icons. Neither can I find the application folder when browsing the iPhone file structure. It should be located inside the Applications folder I presume, but it is not there.

theredjawa, do you have an iPhone? Would you like to help me making a zip file of that app folder and send it to me? I would be very thankful!

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Mine isn’t jailbroken. I did that already and bricked one so now I am just waiting for the SDK and hope for the best. You are talking about PHOTOS right?

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Alright, thanks! The SDK will indeed be interesting. Maybe finally Skype and some SIP solutions will come.

Yes, it might be called PHOTOS… the picture slideshow application. I did find something on my second pass on modmyifone… waiting for account activation. stock applications folder. Hope it works.. Thanks for your help.

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restore your phone

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my bad. That’s the easiest thing and I didnt even think of it.

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Thanks guys for your help. I did restore the phone now and everything is back to normal. I did involve reinstalling all the 3rd-part apps which takes its time. I restored it to the newer version 1.1.4 and used Zibri’s just released newer version of Ziphone to unlock/jailbreak it. Works like a charm. Thanks for your help!

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