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Some ideas for making the tundra?

Asked by lexipoorocks (146points) January 15th, 2010

Ok so in science class we are doing this project where we can make one of the biomes. She said we can either do it in a 2 liter bottle or in a shoe box. I chose the shoebox. But ANYWAY, the real question is what can I put in it. I already got this white board to be the permafrost (the ground) and I was thinking I could get a polar bear and stick it in there somewhere. Any ideas? This is worth a test grade. Any other ideas. Like what I can use to make icicles or something like that. It has to be lifelike though so no snowflake stickers or whatever. I was also thinking I could have an Indian fishing and an igloo not far from them. I really want a WHOLE lot of detail but remember it has to fit in a shoe box. And my teacher says that the biome has to include a plant and animal that lives there. And you can include more than one animal or plant but again please label what it is and please tell me what I can use to make it. For example if I were doing a sunflower (I’m not because its the tundra) you could say you can buy a fake one at the craft store or something like that. I know that was a bad example but you know! And please do a lot of research and figure out what animals and plants live there and then you can be creative and figure out what I can use to make it. And you can include white spray paint or whatever in case I need to spray paint some rocks or something. Please include everything!!! Thanks so much! And no nonsense answers please or they will be flagged.

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“And please do a lot of research and figure out what animals and plants live there” no offense, but isn’t that your job?

For starters, are you using a white board because you are planning on it being covered in snow and ice? That’s not going to work if you have to show plants. Tundra plants are basically grasses and are completely covered during winter. Also, think about ponds and lakes. Tundra is often punctuated by a number of thaw ponds during the summer months.

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I’m not going to research your project for you, sorry.

I will recommend going to a store, either brick or online, and looking at miniatures for trains and dollhouses. You can buy scrubby plant material at most hobby shops that have trains. Icicles can be found at stores that carry miniatures for doll houses.

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Like @Snarp said, you’re asking us to do the research for you? The only way you’ll learn is if you do your own homework. That’s what it’s for, to teach you.

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LOL!Do your own homework.

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very simple to do research. Google tundra images. You’ll get plenty of ideas. Tundra, I do believe, is not about polar bears.

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You can make icicles by dripping elmers glue on wax paper. it dries clear and won’t stick to wax paper. You could drip it over a small branch or whatever. You can get a nice snow effect with 3M spray adhesive on your white foam board, and then salt on top of the adhesive. It is crystals, so it sparkles like snow.

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If you are going to use tundra, I would use an animal that lives in the tundra. Try a caribou instead of a polar bear, as polar bears are not tundra animals. I would also not include the Indian (I think you mean Inuit) or igloo.

If I were to make it, I’d shoot for something like this.

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