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How do I get my PC to recognize my camcorder?

Asked by aprilsimnel (30699points) January 15th, 2010

I have two camcorders, a Canon HF S11 and a Canon HF S10. The S11 is brand new and came in the box with all the Pixela and Canon CameraWindow software, which has been duly installed. The S10 is a used camera and came with no software. When I installed the software, it asked for the serial number for a camera, and I entered the one for the S11.

My PC (Windows XP Pro SP3) recognizes the S11 for what it is, yet “recognizes” the S10 only as a “Removable Disk”.

Is the fact that I didn’t enter the serial number for the S10 the reason why this is happening? There was only room for one number.

In any case, what do I need to do to have the computer recognize the older camcorder as a camcorder, or be able to get any footage from the S10 onto my PC?

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If it sees the used camera as a removable disk- then I would try to open it and copy the files from there.

Failing that- I would use a different program to try and open the files. Such as Paint, Adobe etc.

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Some devices are recognized as data storage device by a PC if the associated software for the device is not installed and/or running. The S11 software may be completely different from that of the S10, sometimes called backwards incompatible. See if the software from the following link:

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Amplifying what gemiwing and njnyjobs wrote, you probably do not need the Canon software.

Printers, scanners, cameras – they all come with unnecessary software. Recent operating systems usually include everything necessary.

I work on other peoples’ computers, and all the extra software is a leading cause of problems and confusion.

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So I can uninstall all the Pixela and CameraWindow and be copacetic?

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I think un-installing is worth a try. If you have the disks, you can always re-install if you change your mind.

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I would say uninstall, then try and find the most recent drivers for the camera. You can usually find them for free by finding the exact model on the companies website.

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There’s no driver for the S10 (I checked), but I’ll uninstall the superfluous software and see what happens.

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