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Does Paris shut down for Easter?

Asked by zephyr826 (5600points) January 15th, 2010

My husband and I are going to Paris for my spring break, to visit my sister (who is studying there this semester) and to spend some time in La Belle France. I am concerned, however, that France, and Paris specifically, might close up to a certain extant in the week following Easter (when we could go). I was there over Christmas when I was in college, and the city virtually shut down – it was worse than August. This won’t change our travel plans too much, but I wanted to be prepared. So for all the fluther francophiles, will the city of lights be dark for a few days, or will things be open and available?

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“Lundi de pâques” is a common jour férié, but the rest of the week should be business as usual.

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Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter would be the week I would worry more about than the week after.

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Maybe you could go to church. Fabulous music, pageantry, holiness, anthropology. Why do we travel, if not to enjoy the culture of a new place? And French people don’t stop going out to eat just because Jesus is risen. Ask around. Ou vas-tu avec ton famille le jour de paques pour bien manger? Ah oui? Chez toi? Eh alors, tu veux que nous vous accompagner? Mais madame…! c’est magnifique! Merci!!

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I live in Paris. On Christmas Day most everything was shut down but not quite everything. The 24th and the 26th were basically normal service. I would expect that Easter would be the same. I was here for Easter last year, but do not recall specifics.

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Merci beaucoup a tous! I was a little worried about it, and you’ve all been very reassuring.

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