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Is Peanut Butter bad for dogs?

Asked by Tellus (4points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I know some can send them into a toxic event like Macadamia Nuts

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My sister in law has a Maltese and she gives him peanut butter all the time. Nothing like that has ever happened to him.

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I give peanut butter to my pointer often without any problems.

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While it is true that some nuts are bad for dogs, peanut butter isn’t one of those nuts. Since peanuts aren’t real nuts (they’re legumes… more closely related to beans, peas, etc.) dogs have no reaction to them. This is also why nut allergies are classified into peanuts and tree nuts usually, since its quite common that someone is allergic to one but not the other one in the slightest.

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My father is a veterinarian. If a dog has trouble taking a pill he suggests putting the pill into about a teaspoon of peanut butter on your fingers and letting the dog lick it off. The pill goes bye bye pretty quickly. So a little peanut butter… PEANUT BUTTER… is O.K. for dogs.

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I’ve never heard anything about peanut butter being bad. I did hear recently, however, that raisins and grapes can be toxic for pooches.

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I just heard about raisins and grapes too. But as far asI know, peanut butter is fine. I give it to my dogs sometimes, and they enjoy it with no problems, except for it being so sticky!! I think that choking may be the only risk for dogs eating peanut butter.

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Peanut butter is fine – although it does have a high fat content and so should be used judiciously.

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I’ve heard grapes and onions are poison to dogs. Never peanut butter.

In addition to getting dogs to take their medicine easily, PB also serves as a tasty training treat.

Get a spoonfull of peanut butter and let it freeze in the freezer. (use a plastic spoon or one you’re not going to be upset about when fidos mouth has been all over it)

When teaching your dog something new or you’re working with him, pull out the froZen tasty treat of PB and he will enjoy it and work hard for the next bite!

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I give peanut butter as a treat to my dogs often and they love it. It is especially good frozen in a Kong (or any dog chew toy) because it lasts longer.

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For all of those who say that peanut butter is not toxic to dogs, please think again. My dog got into Peanut Butter this morning and is now very ill! She threw up so much that she became dehydrated. Peanut Butter IS toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure leading to death. We found out the hard way!

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Possibly your dog is allergic to peanut butter, or some additive that was in peanut butter, but to say that all dogs will have the same reaction is a bit of a stretch. It’s just like some dogs being lactose intolerant and others not. I’m sorry your dog got ill from it, but it’s a good lesson to everyone that when giving your pooch a new treat, it is best to do so under supervision the first time just to be sure.

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I’ve got a five (six?) year-old Generic American Brown Dorg who has been eating peanut butter on (and inside of) chew toys, and surrounding various medication pills from time to time for years with no apparent ill effects. If I’m watching TV and she hears me crack a peanut shell—and she can identify that sound from upstairs and two rooms away—then she’s on that like… well, like a flea on a dorg. She knows that I’ll give her peanuts in the shell as long as I’m eating them, and she eats the whole thing. (I do, too, sometimes.)

Of course, this is the same dorg that I took to the vet for one of her first well-puppy checkups, and when they asked about her diet and I let them know that among her other peculiarities she occasionally ate onions, the vet’s assistant blurted out, laughing, “And she’s still alive?” That was when I found out that she ought not to be doing that.

But the peanut butter is not a problem.

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My dog threw up after eating peanut butter and I don’t no if she will be ok anything you know since your dads a vet plz help

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