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Ideas for games to play on video chat?

Asked by judyprays (1307points) January 15th, 2010

chatting with someone long distance, would love some silly or fun game suggestions to spice it up.

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strip poker

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Strip hang man

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Strip monopoly

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Strip chess

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Draughts / checkers with chillies. Spicy!

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Pictionary, depending how high quality both of your webcams are.

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There are tons of games online you can play with each other and chat at the same time.

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Strip cribbage!

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If it’s that boring then disconnect

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MSN live chat client has some built in twoplayer games like minesweeper, battleship, laying puzzle and others to play while webcamming.

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Try thumb wrestling!

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the three i ended up doing were

* show and tell—> each person shows something the other person doesn’t know they have

* kareoke—> you tube ” your favorite song + kareoke ” and sing to each other

* drawing each other’s faces

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That all sounds great. Good work @judyprays

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Listen to music together!

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Go to That site has nothing but multilayer games. You can even invite a friend(s) in a room you create. It could also cause some conversation to come about. You never know.

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