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In search of reasonably priced pro resume help.

Asked by q (37points) January 15th, 2010 from iPhone

Currently trying wholeheartedly to figure out the best way to have my resume built professionally. If possible recommend a service/writer (affordable) that you may have used, or have come across recently, and, or in the past?

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Sorry this isn’t based on personal experience, but start looking here and here:

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Can’t you google for some good examples in your field of work, then rewrite to make the wording your won?

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Dumb Little Man ran a thoughtful article on resumes that you might find of interest.

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My husband writes resumes. He is a professional writer, PM if you want me to put you in touch with him.

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welcome to fluther @q – love your nickname – concise.

But don’t let my avatar fool you into thinking you can play games with me.


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You don’t need to have someone write a resume for you. Look at most University’s Web sites and you should be able to find resources to help. Use InDesign to format/design it if you’re applying to a job that wants evidence of your graphical prowess, otherwise just use word and follow the guides. Just remember to avoid overwriting, use active verbs (Designed, Promoted, Created, Organized, Brainstormed), bullet entries under positions sorted first by overarching employer, than by position, then by date, and put your Education LAST.

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What’s your specialty? If it’s something small businesses can use, you could try trading your services for resume writing services with a resume writer/career coach professional.

Write to several on LinkedIn offering a trade, and you might get a sparkly new resume in exchange for a few hours’ work… along with a contact who just so happens to know how to land great jobs!

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