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Who do you like better: Howard Stern or Opie and Anthony?

Asked by riprock96 (149points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone

O&A are on XM Howard is on Sirius… Knowing that the two companies may be merging who will you be more likely to listen too

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Howard Stern

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opie and Anthony. Howard sucks

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There is no contest. Howard is the dog and O&A is the fire hydrant. It shouldn’t even be considered a rivalry.

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stern is the best…..

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O&A i haven’t listened to howard stern since he went to sirius, and i haven’t missed him one bit.

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I picked up on Adam Carolla’s show. Now I don’t miss Howard anymore…

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O & A party rock! Check out Ron and Fez on XM too.

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ron and fez noon to three!

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Stern is the greatest- since he has moved to Sirius he has only gotten better. He also has enough dedication to his Sirius fans that he didn’t take the money and put the show back on ‘free FM’ like O&O.

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Howard Stern because he’s more intellectual and unique than O&A, who seem more like your average Morning Zoo types.

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