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Has the new mod been picked?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) January 16th, 2010

I’m just curious, has a new mod been appointed? If the answer is yes who is it?

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_I know I read who it was…I think it was

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Is it Harp? Or, has Harp been a mod for awhile?

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hmm, No, I think Harp has been one since I started.
I see him typing, I’ll pretend I’m not talking about him like he can’t read what I say lol

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shrubbery and Darwin are now mods! I’ve had my jackboots for awhile now

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Ah, Okay..:)

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Why do we keep getting new ones? Do the old ones stop being mods? Is there a time frame that they’re allotted to?

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@jbfletcherfan this is just my observation, but I do think some have stepped down at some point, and others are quite busy with school/work but are still mods..they just don’t get on often currently. So, they needed some help.

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Oh crap, not Darwin!
How wonderful for them!

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@filmfann you crack me up. :)

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@jbfletcherfan Things have gotten really busy here at Mod Central (lots of new users), and we needed more hands on deck. Some of the older mods actually get lives. And no, there’s no schedule. Mods just mod when they’re around (which makes shrubbery a valuable addition since she’s down on the Earth’s butt).

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It’s takes several people to fill the shoes of the former The_Compassionate_Heretic, you know :)

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I just tried searching for The_Compassionate_Heretic a couple days ago. I didn’t know he left! ):

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What Fluther needs is a little less Mods and a lot more Rockers

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How about more Mockers?

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@Filmfann – Why, thank you very much! ~

As a brand new, still in training mod, I can tell you it is a lot of work. Good thing there are a bunch of folks to do it.

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@Harp I see. Thanks for the info. :-)

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I think Lefteh should be a mod. He isn’t around much but the guy is super smart and fair.

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@Darwin Hurry, you’re late for your desensitivity training!

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Oh no! Darwin knows me too well! Ahhhhh!

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She doesn’t know me. Has never heard of me. I shall remain incognito!!

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@jbfletcherfan Your squirrel evil will not protect you.

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Yes, Shrubbery and Darwin have been assimilated into the Borg. Vee haff our vays.

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LOLLLLL..yeah, I know. Besides, Darwin knows who I am. My reputation followed me here from Assville.

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I always did like black leather and shiny metal.

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Shrub was an awesome choice IMO. A smart girl with a big heart and very very fair. She’d rather help than scold. Way to go!

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Congrats and good luck to shrubbery and Darwin!

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Yes. Good choices.

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