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Advice needed: Have/do you use and can you explain to me how it works?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25290points) January 16th, 2010

A friend has just introduced me to and, whilst I find the idea very appealing, I am dubious about how it works. Is it completely legal to watch movies and tv programmes on there? Having seen some of the movies that you can view on this website it seems a bit too good to be true. I tried reading the “about us” section on the website but it didn’t really help. Can anyone explaing to me how it works and how it can provide movies to watch, some of which haven’t yet been released on DVD, free of charge? Is there any catch that I am missing here?

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Pretty sure this isn’t legal.

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It is completely illegal. They are basically aggregating other sites stealing content. None of the videos are actually hosted on the site.

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I use that all the time
I think it might be illegal because i watched new moon, daybreakers and a bunch of other movies that aren’t even in theaters yet they even have paranormal activity 2 on there to
it’s easy to use you just click on the movie you want to watch..and then you might have to click on an external link
or megavideo you can only watch like half of the movie at a time then you have to wait 54 mins to see the rest of it.

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@filmfann and @johnpowell I thought it was too good to be true, thank you.

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@Leanne1986 :: Be really careful. I was stupid once and paid 20 bucks to download all the free music and movies I wanted. They sold me a link to Limewire. still bitter

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@johnpowell I’m really dubious of download sites. I’m assuming that pretty much any site where you can watch movies and tv programmes for free are not going to be legal?

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Your best bet for quality and safety is bittorrent and a private tracker. Let me know via PM if you want more info.

I use it a lot:
Ratio: 2.13 Bonus: 1,153.10 Up: 489.69 GB Down: 230.37 GB

Akani's avatar is the real deal. It does not cost a dime to watch their programming unless you watch using links; however, there is a way around the timer set for it too. Google illuminitix, I believe is the name. It is supposed to bypass the time limits that makes one wait some 57 minutes after 74+/- minutes of programming. Although, even a subscription to is only like $9.99 a month or $19.99 for 3 months. I usually pay the $19.99. The membership fees at allows for high-stream, unlimited viewing but it often requires you to keep a browser window open on their page with your login information plugged in so the system at any place online where you watch a link will allow you full access generally unfettered by slow-downs. They have other providers that use flash videos, which run okay but can bring about its own kind of problems such as slow load-time or lagging in the videos playing. MOF, I don’t think you have to register at all to view their movies, tv series, documentaries, or music videos; however, do be careful because the site does have a bit of porn on it. They don’t openly admit it but I run across a few porn videos when I was going through various videos and the summaries were not included, which is nothing new to TVShack. I like having summaries because at least then I have some idea as to what the program is about.

As for the forums, I would stay away from them. The people are nice enough but the moderators are dirty. There are three in general who are severely discriminatory against the disabled, specifically the blind. The mods are MTQueenie, Duffman, and Jester. If the MT in MTQueenie is supposed to be representative of her trade as a medical transcriptionist, she is not a good one, not even a halfway decent one. I worked many years, well over a decade, as a medical transcriptionist. This woman cannot spell the word, “title.” She spells it tetil. I mean she does this each and every time. It is not as if she even attempts to correct it. Her spelling is only overshadowed by her atrocious lack of grammar skills.

Each time I asked for assistance because I am legally blind and use a screen reader; however, I enjoy movies and tv series. One does not necessarily have to physically watch a show to know what is happening. The blind are not oblivious to television or the movie theaters. I cannot count the number of times I have been to the theater, including plays and not just the silver screen. I asked a question regarding assistance in adding a link. Each time I did so making certain to include the fact I rely on a screen reader for blindness, the mods’ answers were extremely vague with no helpful information at all. Each time I complained about the lack of assistance, the mods would ban me from the boards! I changed my IP address then registered under another name hoping to get a straight answer out of them but it was the same each time. After I finally tired of their laziness, I posted elsewhere on the forums about the manner in which I was treated and the mods discriminatory practices only to have the mods delete my threads and censor my posts! I saved them in my email so I could go back and put back what I had written, not what they censored. They would censor again, hence deleting the proof I had of their discrimination against the blind. I guess they don’t want people to know they are bigots, ignorant, and the most rude people I have ever had the displeasure of knowing!

I tried to find the actual owner of the site but the mods have it set up so nobody can get to the CEO of whomever runs the site. Each time I contacted the advertising company, I would not get a response. As it turns out, they have an email address set up where it goes directly to them so they can forward it to the advertising company to ensure nobody gets information beyond them so they cannot look bad to the owners, which I find completely unethnical and sad.

I have thought of going to the various blind associations; however, if I do, there is a high probability they will shut the site down because of the movies and tv shows. I would hate to have that happen for those who use the service. It would be worthless anyhow because they would simply move the page somewhere else and continue to keep the ill-educated and bigoted moderators so the problem will not go away until I can get into contact with their public relations department directly or the CEO directly. I am striking out each time I attempt to find out who owns the site but when I do, I will be sure to send all the threads and posts I have saved to the CEO to let him or her know just what kind of people they left in control of the forum.

Try The people there seem much kinder and the site has an equal amount of media to watch that rivals equally if not above At least the moderators are kind, helpful, and do not treat anyone, especially someone like me with multiple disabilities, as a second-class citizen or a bug on the wall as the moderators do at

Hope this answered your questions. Again, the video/movie/tv series section is great; however, the moderators – the three I mentioned above in particular are complete and total jerks! Oh, and btw, I worked as an MT for more than a decade. It if had not been for my having lupus (SLE) and Sjogren’s disease with the pain it caused and the loss of sensation in my last three fingers of the right hand from nerve damage caused by lupus and Sjogren’s disease, I would still be working in the field. MOF, my supervisor and even the CEO of the corporate office guaranteed me my job back should medicine ever find a cure for lupus and Sjogren’s and orthopedic medicine ever made enough of an advance in micro-surgery to correct the nerve damage in my right arm that is causing the loss of grip strength in addition to the loss of sensation in those fingers as well as severe chronic pain. My work as exemplary. I was able to type upwards of 120+wpm with 99% accuracy and with macros included in my software program, I was really typing upwards of 450wpm with 99% accurancy; however, the pain and loss of sensation in my fingers left me unable to type anywhere near those speeds now. I am lucky if I can top 55wpm and maintain it for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time because of the pain and lack of feeling in those last three fingers of the right hand.

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Oh, and you do not download these movies/tv shows/documentaries. They are all streaming videos so you watch without downloading. It does buffer but think of it as streaming video. It’s free. There is no costs involved unless you wish to view’s linked videos, which are often better quality than the others; however, there are ways around their time restrictions with free software plug-ins or if you wish to purchase a subscription to to get unlimited faster downloads than those without, it is truly reasonably priced. I have been a customer of for approximately 8 to 9 months now. It is worth the $19.99 for the 3-month deal.

One more thing regarding If you upload videos to their site then link them off to places like and others, you earn points toward free subscription time as well as actual income. It all depends on the number of files uploaded and the view counts.

Again, hope this is helpful.

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