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Why is Halo 3 so ADDICTING??

Asked by Shotsee (10points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I love halo I been playing since the first one came out. I just can’t put the conntroller down LOL

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The game is not the addictive one. Addictiveness is a personality trait.

This opinion was brought to you by Squirbel Inc.

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I played 3 for a week or so when it came out and I haven’t played it since

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The story line is great. The concept and the visuals are amenzing. It takes you to that virtual world that you never imagen. You get so into it because of the conextion of reality and fantasy. The best person shooter ever.

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well I think that it is addicting because u always trying to prove that ur the best online or local and u aint a halo freak if u havent played all three

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yeah I played all 3 of them from the very first. I won my halo 3 disk from a local doubles tournament. Its the only game I own for the xbox and xbox 360. I plan on going to the Orlando pro circuit this year. Should be pretty cool!!!

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BTW my gamertag is shotsee if ya wana hit me up!!!

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because your weakminded

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Halo 2 was addictive. It had nonlinear gameplay, and interesting multiplayer.

That is, if you glitched and played using MLG regulations….

Halo 3 is overly linear, and anytime someone finds a way to play outside of what bungie invisioned they patch it. That is why it fails.

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