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Do you use different social Q&A sites?

Asked by HungryGuy (15979points) January 16th, 2010

If so, do you use different ones for different types of questions? For example, I use Fluther for serious questions (though I sometimes try, without success, to sneak a fun question in). And I’ll use AB for fun/joke or adult questions. And BlurtIt when I just want to ask something “chatty” to get a friendly conversation going.

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Not now. i have actually only been on one other for five years. dramatic changes have taken place there, so much of us just landed on Fluther. its a good site.

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Nope – I’m a one Fluther woman.

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I was on AnswerBag for quite awhile. Then they “Improved” it. The site became very slow, difficult to use, time consuming, generally annoying. I still drop by to see if it’s fixed but as of yesterday, it’s still crap. It was a real shame.

Evidently a lot of us came here from AB.

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Not only is Fluther the only Q&A site I’m on, but it’s also the only social site for me. No Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, Twitter, etc., just Fluther.

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I sometimes go on Yahoo! Answers if I want to ask a kind of question that won’t be allowed here, but other than that, no. Fluther and Facebook. That’s what I do on the internets.

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Totally stealing this answer from someone else, but can’t remember who!

I’m not a fan of Q and A sites in general, I’m a fan of Fluther. I use facebook and tumblr for social stuff, but this is the only Q & A site for me.

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I am still on AB but expect a higher quality of question here. I really appreciate their insistence on question quality here. I am certain that I shall have a question modded at some time (I have not had any modded yet) but, well, oh well.

I am not a big asker but the few I ask are on Fluther only because AB is so slow now. If I want to ask a strictly for fun question, which I rarely do, I shall go to AB to do so if it ever picks up.

You could not pay me enough to go to Yahell Answers. Been there, done that, saying that it was a bad experience is an understatement. I looked at Blurtit but was not terribly impressed.

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@Arisztid – So far it seems that about 9 out of every 10 of my questions here get sent back to me for Editing. Sometimes, it’s because the question was intended to be silly or just conversational, and I fully expected it to be rejected. But other times it’s a mystery. For instance, I asked a serious questions about the origin of the logo of the American Heart Association, and it got rejected.

I like to ask serious questions; and I like to ask serious adult questions, and I like to ask joke questions, and I like to ask questions just to get a conversation going. AB used to be one site that had a place for all these kinds of questions, but AB is a joke now. So now I have to ask my questions on whichever site will allow that type of question, be it Fluther, or BlurtIt, or whatever…

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@HungryGuy Do you find out why your questions are pushed to editing? It’s possible they might just need proofreadling.

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@HungryGuy From what I have been told you can ask specifically why they are sent back. I would ask about things like the American Heart Association logo question.

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This question has been asked and answered recently. Did you do a search before asking? My answer and those of many others are already there!

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@Dr_Lawrence – No. Most Q&A sites do a word search when you ask a question, and then warn you that your question may be a duplicate. Many also warn you about spelling errors at the time you post your question (BlurtIt is particularly picky about spelling). Fluther didn’t do that, so I didn’t know it was a duplicate. Sorry.

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I go back to answerbag maybe once a week or so to see how things are going over there and to be an asshole to the teenyboppers that have suddenly started commenting on my old answers and questions.

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@HungryGuy I use the Firefox browser as a spellcheck. It is very helpful.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – Good for you! :-p

@Arisztid – I still use IE. Maybe I’ll give Firefox a try one of these days.

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If I want to ask a what would you do type chatty question that isn’t considered a poll question like it is here I go to Answerology. I used to go to Wondir but it closed down. I have been to Yahoo answers when I check my emails there. I found Blurtit to be juvenile with basically nonsensical questions.

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Question: Do you use other social Q&A sites?

Answer: Looks like you do.

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I started with Yahoo Answers but gave up on it as it slid downhil. I tried Google Answers, but they cancelled it.

I went to an AOL property that morphed into Propeller, a social news site somewhat like Digg. I gave up on it when they made it almost impossible to submit an article for discussioin and get any level of response to it. You had been allowed to submit an article and send the submission to all your friends list at once. They switched it to a drop-down list where you could only select 5 friends at a time. The result was that only people with nothing else to do in life could get an article onto the front page for discussion.

I came here in the great Answerbag diaspora. I still have my account there. Amazingly, while it’s nearly dromant in new questions, questions I asked there many months ago are now getting new answers daily.

I’m now active here and on and and have signed up for the developers forum. Sodahead is the wild-wild West for political discussion and seems to be very heavily tilted toward right wingers, some of them horribly extreme. They have avowed white supremacists, Aryan Nation folks, skinheads, and this and that right-wing malitia all spouting some pretty hateful speech. But you can definitely talk politics there is you’re hardy enough for it, and there are some fine people there as well who do hear the more moderate voices and appreciate them.

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@HungryGuy Try if you want a place where you can ask the more whimsical questions. One of my friends there, SisterJean (Who’s a real nun, BTW) asks sillyville questions all the time. They get lots of discussion and are never rejected so long as they make sense enough to answer. But be forwarned that you have to build up a group of like-minded friends before your questions will get much action. The main page displays questions with lots of activity. Friends are notified of questions via email alert, So no friends no answers.

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@ETpro – Thanks, but I’m not looking for anywhere else. I was just curious what other people do. As I said in my question blurb above, I use Fluther for serious questions, Answerbag for jokes and adult questions, and BlurtIt for friendly/chatty questions. I miss having one site that’s amenable to all these question types, but I’m not complaining. Between these three sites, my Q&A needs are met nicely :-)

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@HungryGuy You amd me too, my friend. Such is life. :-)

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@ETpro – Oh! And by the way… WaWning is supposed to be a secret site for ex-ABusers by invitation only. Shhhhh!!!!

Though since you mention as a nest of rabid right-wingers, I might go there and rattle some cages :-)

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@HungryGuy Re That’s what I find fun about it. <wink>

Re WaWning i thought the issue of membership was discussed and the consensus seemed to be the more the merrier as long as the newbies aren’t abusive types. Trolls not welcome seemed the rule.

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@ETpro – Well, they do have to let n00bs in eventually if they want the site to grow. But as you know, a troll snuck in last week, posted some personal attacks, and wreaked major havoc. And CP made a couple of management blunders that hurt some feelings. So I think they’re still being careful who they let in.

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@ETpro You said: “Sodahead is the wild-wild West for political discussion and seems to be very heavily tilted toward right wingers, some of them horribly extreme. They have avowed white supremacists, Aryan Nation folks, skinheads, and this and that right-wing malitia all spouting some pretty hateful speech”

Until I saw that, I was kind of thinking of going there but oy. White supremacists, Aryan Nation folks, skinheads? I think I shall just keep my non white self far away from there.

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@Arisztid They are by no means the majority there. But they are there. The righies complain all the time about moderators silencing them and letting lefties say whatever they want. But of course, they also claim that the press is a vast left-wing conspiracy when the truth is they virtually own the media today. So I don’t make too much of their censorship complaints. But there are plenty of good people there too.

And there is a feature that lets you block any user who starts giving you personal grief. I haven’t had to use it, but it’s comforting to know it’s there if needed. If blocked, they can’t see your activity. They cant respond to your questions, answers or comments, and they can’t send you private messages or leave public comments on your profile page.

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@ETpro – Hey! I’m all for free speech, but that sounds like a nifty idea being able to make your own stuff invisible to people who give you grief… It’s not censorship of you’re blocking your own stuff from the view of others… Though I’m not afraid to do battle with rabid right-wingers and skinheads!

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@HungryGuy I’m not afraid to fight either. I’m a warrior at heart, and will go to the max for a cause I feel is just. I only know about blocking because one of them blocked me. Seems he couldn’t stand the thought of debating someone who answered his insults with facts he couldn’t dispute. Coward! :-)

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@ETpro – Yup! I’d ran into rabid conservatives just like that back on AB on several occasions. Answer their insults with reasoning, and they run away and refuse to participate further…

hungryhungryhortence's avatar was the only Q&A site I’d ever been on until fluther but I now also frequent

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