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Are sports bras inappropriate attire in a mixed-sex household?

Asked by nikipedia (28065points) January 16th, 2010

The first thing I usually do when I get home from running is take off my shirt, and when I’m sufficiently rested, I’ll change or take a shower.

My boyfriend lives with 4 other guys in their 20s. Is it inappropriate to walk around their house in a sports bra during this interim period between running and showering/changing?

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Yes, especially if you’re attractive. Unless you’re very good friends with the roommates.

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As long as you’re covered (and this covers more than your average bikini top) I don’t see where this should be a major issue.

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I wouldn’t do it. It might be construed as flaunting yourself by your boyfriend or by an immature room mate.

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“My boyfriend lives with 4 other guys in their 20s”

Keep it respectable at all times and with all attire.

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Ask your boyfriend what he thinks. I would err on the side of not doing it just to be safe if your boyfriend sounds at all hesitant, unless as @andrew said you’re really good friends with all the guys.

Course I’m not one to talk, I used to walk around my ex’s house in a regular bra. Her housemates were all women, but we were also all lesbians, so I don’t know if it’s all that different. :)

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Do you wear a bikini at the beach? Odds are the sports bra covers more.

I walk/walked around in my boxers all the time. It was never a issue.

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Most people are not like myself and my husband. I feel like it is all about what you and your boyfriend are comfortable with.

Us personally don’t mind if we walk around totally nude in front of other people

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If you’d go running in it, without a shirt on..then I don’t see why it’d be an issue in wearing it around the house. But, otherwise, I would ask your boyfriend his opinion…because they’re his roommates and I’d want to be respectful of his opinion if it was more of a bra-type thing.

okay, just read it’s for the short period before you jump in the shower..I don’t see the issue with that. I would think it wouldn’t be an issue for your boyfriend either.

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Do the 4 other guys walk around without shirts? If they do then I see no reason why you shouldn’t. Running bras usually compress and cover completely so it isn’t a question of modesty or being adequately covered, it is more a question of appropriateness in that particular household.

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I think you need to judge the issue by observation. If the roommates give off a creepy vibe or you catch em staring, then you have your answer. If you’re pretty good friends with them then it probably is a non issue. I used to hang out in a sports bra w/ my guy friends all the time. We’d go to the beach together a lot so they saw lots more than that before. Was a total non issue.

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If both you and your boyfriend are comfortable with this and any reaction this elicits from the roommates, then it is fine.

If you are very buxom, the roommates may not be able to keep their eyes off your upper body, even in a sports bra, especially if soaked with sweat from your workout.

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No, definitely not. Take it off with your shirt.

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Interesting mix of responses. Those in the “no” camp, do you oppose women exercising in just a sports bra?

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Im totally ok with them.

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I think this is a good question to peer at. I realize that a house with 5 guys in their 20s is different from a house with your parents, but those are the kinds of ideas and preferences that get spawned from growing up with your family.

I honestly would be bothered seeing a housemate of mine walking around in their underpants. Or one of their friends/girlfriends/family members, whatever, doing the same.
As a result, I don’t ever walk around with just my boxers on.

But I was raised in a household where we didn’t walk around in our underwear, it just seems inappropriate. Until I had seen that question that I linked above, I assumed that my household was normal in that aspect, but anecdotes from that question suggest otherwise.

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A sports bra usually covers more than a bikini top. I don’t see a problem taking off your shirt grabbing some water then walk to the bathroom to take a shower. I wouldn’t stay in it more than 30 min. If you sweated to the point where if your wearing a white sports bra becomes more like a white t-shirt contest then I think it’s inappropriate. Try to stick to dark color sports bras.

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Since you are into brains and stuff. What would happen if you walked around naked? Would all the dudes turn into rape machines? I have been to nude beaches in France. It isn’t odd.. We can control ourselves.

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I think it is fine if you live in a hot climate. In FL we wear just a sports bra and bike shorts running down the street. Up north people tend to be more covered so it might be awkward. Really no matter what I think it is fine, but the climate would probably affect if others find it acceptable.

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@nikipedia No, I don’t at all. I suppose what changed it for me is the “taking off the shirt” thing.

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@nikipedia Ditto what @andrew said. If she’s happy to run in just the sports bra, and comes into the house with it on, it’s different than stripping down once in the house. Somehow!

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I was raised like @Sarcasm so that is probably why I have the same opinion as he does.
I see women working out in sports bra’s all the time and never give it a second thought, so I guess I’m in agreement with @andrew in that it is the whole taking the shirt off.

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The sports bra covers so much more of the breasts than a bikini or “normal” bra, I can’t see how it’s an issue. I don’t think it’s particularly uncommon to see women either in the gym or on the road exercising in a sports bra, so I definitely wouldn’t see a problem with it inside a house. I think the only issue is the taboo of taking off your shirt. Because you’re “not supposed to” let people see what’s under your shirt. If you had started off exercising in the sports bra only, then no one would bat an eye lash when you came into the house with it. It’s the act of showing what’s underneath your normal outer attire that’s the issue. It makes no sense, but then, few taboos do.

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The only reason I wear a shirt over a sports bra or tank when outside in the summer is because of the risk of sunburn. That, and other environmental factors that someone would be facing outside, are reasons for wearing a shirt outside that don’t exist inside the house. The fact remains that various athletic tops cover far more than a normal bra or bikini top. It shouldn’t be a problem.

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@MrItty Well, where and when matters. A bikini on the beach is not the same as walking through the house with men around in 20 degree weather in Michigan. It should not be different, but it is. If these are men who are around all of the time, I still say it should be fine. It is not like having a guest from out of town in the house for 2 days where you might think about it more.

@nikipedia Where do you live?

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My wife wears a sports bra only when we are alone or under other clothing. you wearing only a sports bra in front of four other males would be like throwing a bone to four hungry dogs. not appropriate.

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I love wearing sports bras around the house and when I would go over to my bf’s house I didn’t mind wearing it because I was really good friends with all of his roommates. I think that most of the clothes I wear cover up more than my bathing suit. So why not wear what you want?

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@JLeslie: Southern California.

And boyfriend says he doesn’t see an issue with it.

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@JLeslie that’s my point. “It should not be different, but it is”. That’s a taboo. It’s a societal norm that has no logical rational reasoning.

If my platonic female roommate (we live in Upstate New York, fwiw) came down to the living room wearing a sports bra, I’d assume she was going to the gym. It would not surprise me, it would not weird me out. It wouldn’t be common, but it wouldn’t be “wrong” either.

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If you wear it on a trail running then it should be fine, my Wife lives in them so you should check with everyone so they know what to expect and keep there Urges in check!

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Personallty, I sure wouldn’t do it! No way.

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@nikipedia Southern Cal, I would not think twice about.

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No .. boobs are awesome.

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I wouldn’t do it if there is the slightest hint that anyone is uncomfortable with it. Also, some sports bras cover more than others, and it depends a bit on what you are wearing with the sports bra.

I suggest you ask your boyfriend how he feels about you wandering about the house in a sports bra, and then follow what he says.

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Ugh. I suggest you do what you damn well please, and not give a rat’s behind what your boyfriend says.

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Well, think of it this way. The only difference between a sports bra and a tank top is the stomach coverage. Sports bras actually cover more cleavage than your average tank top. The simple idea that its a bra doesn’t change the fact that its less revealing than other things you probably wear.

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But the idea that it is a bra can be somewhat arousing to male onlookers, even if it covered everything from the neck down.

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That is how a lot of guys think.

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@MrItty – 100 ga’s to you (well I did give you one! and would give you the other 99 if I could!)

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I wouldn’t do it because I think it would make the guys feel awkward to not want to ogle out of respect for their roomie and they might even feel you’re taunting them to look. It’s weird but if you were wearing the same thing at a gym or out of the street running then few would give it more than a passing glance. Kind of like bathing suits when women try them on in stores and everyone around looks away but it’s no big deal at a pool or at the beach.

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There’s no rules about this thing other than what you, your boyfriend, and the other guys in question feel comfortable with.

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you should do what you like – it’s their problem if they read too much into it.

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