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Which is better, Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4?

Asked by mmckenzie21 (23points) February 29th, 2008
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they boath have there strong points halo has great wepons and the story line is fanominal yet COD4 is what war is now and it is extreamly realistic so my vote goes twards COD4 but not by mutch

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That depends on what your going for, call of duty has better online/multiplayer but tottaly lacks co-op. Halo 3 has a great amount of replay but only if you have xbox live, so I would say if you have xbox live, go for halo 3, and if not, call of duty. Both I recommend them both highly.

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COD4 hands down. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about with halo, maybe I like a more realistic game.. And like fortris said COD4 lacks co-op, which is the only think I dislike about the game.. Does anyone know why they decided to not include that since COD3 had it?

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cod4 is alot better. There are better graphics and game play. Also, in cod4, u rewarded for doing well with perks and unlocking different guns. In halo3, all u get is a symbol. COD4 is better.

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I love both but this time I’m gonna go for halo for the strong multiplayer game online

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well I played both and I have to go with halo 3 because the co-op play and the online play is great

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Both are great games but Halo 3 FTW!!!

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people who say halo 3 are just biased fanboys who like to worship it like a god. Call of duty 4 is simply a better and more intense experience. Cod4 is more grounded and less “floaty” as in the 3 meter jumps from halo. In terms of campaign neither is really a stand put but I’d give the edge to cod in that it brings you into your characters and makes you feel like your in a war and that your actions are having an effect on peoples lives. While halo does have co op and forge I find neither to be game sellers or frankly that fun past the initial couple of hours put into it. For me, call of duty just never stops being fun and I havnt put in halo 3 since the day I bought cod

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so COD4 it is!! Cheer for that

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these 2 games are absolutly great, on the 360 id have to say halo has a better story for me. because i enjoyed the story more n missions are more fun. wearas cod4s story only has 2 missions in iraq/afganistan which are my fave and are more fun :) and the sas missions are good to start but then get boring. but online cod4 wins hand down. cod4 offers great fun online (so does halo, but cod4 has such things as ‘search and destroy’ which keep you on the edge of your seat) so its 50/50 for me.


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call of duty 4! :)

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