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Do you put olives in the fridge?

Asked by chian (554points) January 16th, 2010

i have always wondered this, once you have opened olives do you put them in the fridge or in the cupboard? mine seem to look weird if been put in fridge but i really don’t know what’s the correct thing to do!

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We always keep olives in the fridge once opened

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Yes, definitely put them in the fridge. It probably says on the jar to refrigerate after opening. If not, I would anyway… I once got sick from rancid olives on a salad bar.

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Just checked the jar in the fridge, it says ‘once opened keep refrigerated’

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ok thanks guys, appreciate it!

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No .. olives belong in their proper container. They need to be stored in a moist, damp, cold environment next to their native friends nachos and teh taco.

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Yes, after opening the can/jar.

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The funny look is the olive oil that has congealed in the cold of the refrigerator.
Let them return to room temperature and them will look fine.

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In the summertime I like to keep a can of black pitted olives in the fridge, they make a tasty snack on hot summer afternoons, especially with a beer!

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thanks Dr Lawrence, now i know they are not funny and that its just the oil!!!

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