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What's the largest city in the world

Asked by tommyv (4points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone
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In terms of population, I heard recently that it was Mexico City.

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deez nuts.

(sorry, had to)

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I think it’s Tokyo, Japan.

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Mexico city

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Tokyo, Japan.

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Heres a list of the top twenty citys relative to population
1. Tokyo-Yokohama, Japan – 33,200,000
2. New York, United States – 17,800,000
3. Sao Paulo, Brazil – 17,700,000
4. Seoul-Incheon, South Korea – 17,500,000
5. Mexico City, Mexico – 17,400,000
6. Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto, Japan – 16,425,000
7. Manila, Philippines – 14,750,000
8. Mumbai, India (formerly Bombay) – 14,350,000
9. Jakarta, Indonesia – 14,250,000
10. Lagos, Nigeria – 13,400,000
11. Kolkata, India (formerly Calcutta) – 12,700,000
12. Delhi, India – 12,300,000
13. Cairo, Egypt – 12,200,000
14. Los Angeles, United States – 11,789,000
15. Buenos Aires, Argentina – 11,200,000
16. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 10,800,000
17. Moscow, Russia – 10,500,000
18. Shanghai, China – 10,000,000
19. Karachi, Pakistan – 9,800,000
20. Paris, France – 9,645,000

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Seoul, South Korea is the most densly populated metropolitan city in the world. I figure that’s worth mentioning.

Previously it was a Japanese island called Gunkajima. Worth googling for an interesting read.

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schuh – Where is that list from? It seems very wrong. If NYC had 18 million people, it was implode. That is absolutely a false statistic. I believe it has about 8 million residents.

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Apparently it depends on how you define a city. According to this list Mumbai is the largest with 13 million residents in the city proper, followed by Karachi and Delhi. But if you go by Metropolitan area (surrounding areas included) then Tokyo takes the title, followed by Seoul, Mexico City, and NYC.

I guess everyone was kinda wrong…

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