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Ladies have you ever added shoulderpads to a top that didnt have them?

Asked by ShoulderPadQueen (308points) January 16th, 2010

i was wondering if i was the only one that adds pads to a top that may not have them or even add a second set to something that already has padded shoulders?? ;)

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I know a woman who looks like a linebacker. Its not just the excessive shoulder pads, although those are bad enough, its that her hair is so teased out that it’s about the size of a helmet.

As far as shoulder pads… proceed with caution.

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Shoulder Pads are odd….I wouldn’t wear them, they make you look like a man.

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@ShoulderPadQueen Based on your questions, you’ve got to be the most appropriately named user on Fluther. Congrats!

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Not since about 1987.

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Shoulder pads are ok if you live in one of the following states-
New Jersey

Or if you are playing football.

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Shoulderpads Reminds me of lady gaga and beyonce :) personally I think it looks kinda goofy for anyone to wear shoulder pads…

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I try to avoid making my body look weird.

So, no.

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No but I’ve clipped them out of clothing before.

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No, I haven’t , but I have removed them from jackets…they are definately not in right now, unless your like the queen.

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No but I’ve wanted to. Even just small ones. Sometimes the material does not hang
right and pads are needed. I wish I was blessed with full shapely shoulders so jackets would fit better.

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I hate shoulder pads. If by some chance I should buy something that has them, I cut them out. (I do, however, have a jacket that has very small ones that I left in, only because I would practically have to deconstruct the jacket to get them out.) My shoulders & hips are about the same width so shoulder pads are just too much.

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I wear them on the outside…and not on my shoulders either….dare to be different;)

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Yes, I put shoulder pads in most of the costumes I make, and I have added them to my swim suit cover-up. I have sloped, skinny shoulders, and shoulder pads help my clothes look better. Many of my clothes have them.

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