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Will Apple replace my iPod Touch without a warranty?

Asked by WorryGem (40points) January 17th, 2010

I got a 2g iPod Touch as a gift from a relative in America and recently it won’t turn on, when trying to restore comes up with error 1611 so i get stuck in dfu mode. Also I haven’t jailbroken it.

Will Apple give me a new iPod even though I have no warranty?

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Have you worked through the Apple Help steps for this error?

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You’re lucky when Apples replaces anything with a warranty. But PandoraBoxx is correct. Try Apple Help, and do a lot of Googling. Chances are, something else has had exactly the same problem. Good luck. I know how frustrating this must be for you.

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Urgh great well I’ll try that. Yes unimaginably fustrating hah well thanks for teh help

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If iTunes recognizes it hold down “Shift” when you click restore. Don’t do a back-up. Start from scratch.

And Apple has fantastic support if you are under warranty. Sure, their call centers are in a foreign country. But accents in Texas are easy enough to understand.

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They moved a lot of call center activity to Kentucky recently.

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You can still get tech support face-to-face at the genius bar for free in the Apple Stores, but they won’t replace it for you out of warranty.

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Actually, johnpowell is correct. Notwithstanding my flip answer, I’ve had good luck with Apple support over the years, and I appreciate johnpowell correcting that point.

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