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How do you send a mass message on facebook?

Asked by chian (552points) January 17th, 2010

i have tried every single way and i cant find a simple way. Am i missing something? I want to send a very important page to around 900 people and it wont let me!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!

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Why don’t you ask the facebook admins? There must be some kind of support on facebook. Or wiki or howto or forums or something anyway

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i am asking here in case someone knows!

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Someone told me to put it in your status bar. I am not a member.

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You can’t, and for damn good reason. Do you really think we all want a “very important message” from every shmuck who thinks we need to hear what he has to say?

You can only send messages to your friends.

You can create groups that anyone can join. You can create a page that anyone can become a fan of. You can buy advertising space that anyone can potentially see. But you can’t force everyone to see something you consider “very important”

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You can only send messages to 20 ppl at a time. Just put your friends into 20 person groups and send your message to each group. It is time consuming but it gets the job done :)

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@mritty read my message again, i dont want to send it to everyone, i want to send it to my friends. No need to be so hostile!

@Rowdy thanks a lot for your message, thats what ill do even though it will take me forever i guess then it will be done forever!

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@chian read your own message again. You asked how to send a “mass message”, and that you want to send it to “900 people”. You did not specify you wanted to send it to your friends.

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@MrItty neither did i say that i wanted to send it to the world. In any case, no need to answer on a forum by saying “Do you really think we all want a “very important message” from every shmuck who thinks we need to hear what he has to say?” Surely on a forum and when we do not know eachother there should be some form of social etiquette…

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@chian yes, there should. And posts ending in ”!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!” violate it.

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gosh so sorry my please help has upset you so, have a nice day Mritty, try and relax

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