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Whats the most affordable way to get a car to commute for two weeks?

Asked by freckles (363points) January 17th, 2010

I’m a broke student, I’ve already tried finding a rideshare or carpools with no luck. The bus doesn’t run by my house, and I can’t walk. If I can just get to and from work for two weeks I can save up enough to buy a car, but I can’t find a way to make my 10 minute commute. Any creative ideas?

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where do you live?

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Is it a place you can bike to? Not as good as a car, but better than walking. though probably still unacceptable if you live somewhere with bad rains and snow
No friends or family members from whom you can borrow a car?

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Can you catch a ride with a coworker?
Or like @Sarcasm said, a friend or family member to borrow a car from or get a ride?

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You did not mention how far the commute was. Is walking an option?

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Would something like ZipCar work for you?

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No, I have been asking everyone I can think of for rides, but no one will help! No walking is too far, and biking too. It only takes ten minutes driving but walking takes an hour and a half. and biking not much better. the town is too small for zipcar or any other car sharing sadly :(

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Steal one a la Dean Moriarty, but that may come with repercussions in this modern day…

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Try Craigslist.

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I concur. I’ve got a few $500-or-less cars from Craigslist. It sounds like that is exactly what you need; a cheap beater just to tide you over.

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You could see if you could get a bridge (short term-high interest) loan to pay for it until you get the money you need.

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@YARNLADY You generally can’t get more than one week’s pay that way though, and it’s a bit of a bitch to pay back. I’ve done it a few times out of necesssity and only managed to pull it off since I got one weeks worth of my pay, which was only about half of our household income.

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I actually meant to look on Craigslist for “a ride”. No one’s going to want to spend the money even for a beater car for just a couple of week’s use, especially if the job doesn’t pay enough to warrant that.

But it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone who commutes to nearly the same area at times that could work out, especially if the OP is willing to cover his costs.

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@CyanoticWasp I usually get about a year out of them

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Thanks for the ideas, I’m trying craigslist both ways, we’ll see how it works out, whether there is a ride to be got or a car to be bought on there, although CyanoticWasp got it right, I can’t afford a beater yet, actually that is what I’m saving up for :) Thanks for the ideas, any more are also welcome.

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What’s the issue with biking? If it’s a ten minute drive, unless you’re driving 100 miles an hour you can’t be going more than ten miles. Ten miles isn’t an easy ride, but for two weeks it should be doable…

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@nikipedia I used to bike that far when I was stationed in San Diego, and I usually beat the bus. Hell, a ten-minute drive for me is less than three miles. I can often get to where my wife works (that three mile trek I refer to) quicker by bike than by car! Even when I lived in the sticks with a state highway a mile away from the end of my driveway and could do 60MPH most of the way, ten minutes of driving only got me ~6 miles.

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