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What should I do for my birthday coming in May?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) January 17th, 2010

Hey (Fluthers), so my 16th birthday is coming up and I don’t know what I should do. I’ve never held a birthday party in my teens years. I have friends from 9th grade = Agnes, Agla, Helga, Anastasia, in my class 10th I have linda my close friend, the girls in my class I never really talk to them alot…. Then in college I have a friend named Anna. I just dont know what to do, because anna and all the others don’t know each other, but she is my bestfriend.
Then I also have friends the sama as anna, they live 1–2 hours away from where I live. I don’t know what to do:S

Should I just have a sleepover with Anna or have like maybe everyone bring food? I’m confused….

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If your friend Anna is a friendly type, you can just have one sleepover party and invite her too. If you feel like she would like to celebrate separately, just have her over separately.

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Do you want to have everyone bring a dish? (Don’t know how it’s done in the UK…in the US, if you throw a party, you have to provide the food yourself.) You can always send out for pizza or other takeout..maybe? And get drinks and a cake from the supermarket. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. If they are providing you with a gift, then asking them to also bring food might not be a good idea….but it’s up to you…


What you can do is extend an invite to some of the friends that come from far away to stay the night (one night.). Then, ask your closest friend, Anna to stay an extra night so that you two can just hang out together. That way, everyone gets to meet Anna, too, and you have all your friends together for your celebration.

Happy, happy Birthday to you! Enjoy! Enjoy…and have FUN….don’t frazzle yourself out!

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@Marina do you mean I invite everyone for sleepover or just me and anna?-cause me and her are soointo healthy food stuff, like go running together, go to the mall, but what about the others from my old school who live 1–2 hours away?

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@DarlingRhadamanthus , haha yeah I also thought of that telling everyone to bring foodxD, I really like your idea of my far away friends to sleepover.
But do you have any idea of some food other than pizza which is healthy? maybe I can make by myself? which is not expensive

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college? you’re 16 and you’re in college?

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If you are into health food….then just make a big warm soup, have some whole grain bread and some salad…or make some wraps…baby leaf lettuce with avocado, hummous and a bit of goat’s cheese and roll ‘em up and put them on a platter. Tacos——tortilla shells filled with lentils and avocado. You can have some tortilla chips or chips from the health food store and some avocado or hummous dip. Those are simple, too. Fresh juices to drink.

For cake, you can make…fairy cakes just amend the recipe with whole grains and maple syrup or agave. You may want to invite Anna early to come help. If you can only have Anna over to stay….then just invite Anna over to stay. That’s fine.

You just make an invitation that says:

Hi! Come celebrate my 16th birthday
with a little get together at my house with
Health food and happy talk and good friends!

123 My House St
My Town
From 7pm-11pm

(Please let me know if you are coming by emailing me at:_______)

Hope to see you!

(Sorry, I didn’t know you were into health food…I am too!)

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Hey, Chocolate….in the UK….“college” means the equivalent of junior/senior year of high school. You can opt to leave high school at 16. So it’s “university” you go to…when you get older after “college” here. Or you can go into technical training.

I was confused here, too….for awhile. LOL

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@ChocolateReigns , i don’t know what u call it therexD so I just guessed college.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus Oh you people in the UK are so confusing! I like the good ol’ USA

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@ChocolateReigns , wow thank you for the help
p.s. I live in IcelandxD, so iI’m always confused on the names

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@Thesexier I’m always here for help ~
Anyways, in answer to you question…
I would go with the health-food themed sleepover with the one girl and then a bigger party with all of your friends.

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@Thesexier I was suggesting having everyone sleep over.

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@ChocolateReigns , yeah i thought so too:)
@Marina , I don’t really know about thatxD

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I have suggestions but the moderator would just shut me down. I really really like the idea of college girls having a sleep-over.

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@Ron_C , what do you mean???

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I think I’ve seen the movie where the college girls have a sleepover. I don’t want to go into detail but there is an R and X version of that story. I am already on people’s sh*t list and don’t need to borrow trouble answering question where I probably have no business.

Happy Birthday! May, I never plan that far ahead.

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ah..ok ron C thanks

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Cool!! My birthday is in May too!! I can’t tell you what I will be doing on mine but you should make it as memorable as you can! ;) Invite your best of friends…I would do the sleepover as it gives you a lot more time to be kids and hang out. Becoming 16 puts you on the fast lane of life…just try and enjoy still being a kid…being an adult is not what you think it is and you have plenty of time ahead of you to do the grown up stuff! Enjoy your birthday!

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I think I may be doing a hollywood-red-carpet-theme party. Everyone has to look their best, but the food I don’t still know:(

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