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Why is the sky blue?

Asked by Mamydoo (4points) February 29th, 2008
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hey, i heard there was this thing called “google” that could probably answer your question pretty quickly.

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So… this is not what I expected Fluther to be. I used to participate on Y! Answers and stupidness (being bold) like this came up all too often. I know I haven’t been here longer than two days, but my first day had so many fun and interesting questions that I believed I had found something great. I’m not leaving… but today hasn’t been as fun.

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hopefully it’ll be over soon. then maybe the benefits of being featured on apple’s webapps and having decent questions and discussions will balance out.

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In case you’re actually interested, this question was was asked before:

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Is there a way to delete stupid questions?

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hmm interesting question really, I m no scientist but look at this way, the earth rotates slowly therefore once it targets with the sun then our planet’s sky becomes blue, and as earth keeps its rotation flow it moves away from the sun therefore the sky darkens no longer blue and as we know it what was a blue sky at daytime becomes black at nighttime. Overall this is an interesting question, and of course this just an point of view and as someone else suggested try google perhaps or maybe your nearby pub. Library.

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