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If the creatures of Greek mythology came to be reality, how would you react? What would you do?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) January 17th, 2010

Let’s say the mythical beasts of Greek invention, from Cerberus to Pegasus, came alive. What action would you take? Would you interact with or observe the creatures or run for dear life?

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I’d tame a Centaur. Heck, that could be a two-for-one deal. A ride and a friend.

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I’d tame Cerberus and keep him as a pet. It would be awesome to ride Pegasus too. I mean who doesn’t want to ride a flying horse?

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I’d probably run away.

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Considering those who have read the myths know the tricks… start emulating heroes.

I would be tempted to worship at the temple of Athena, but she was a virgin goddess and I don’t think I would go over well to worship there.

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I’d grab a sword and go all conan on them.

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Also: sell all my stock in POM.

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I would dissect a centaur to find out where all of its vital organs are.

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Die, most likely.

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With my luck I’d wake up next to Medusa or find the Kraken in my shower. But providing nothing so horrid befell me I’d probably be glued to the news and chasing local sightings for an awfully long time. And checking out local lakes, forests, and waterways on the off chance some lovely Nymph or Neried would want to come back to my place. >.> Though how I’d explain that to my wife… yeah, maybe I’d be better off with the Kraken >.<

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Ask: friend or foe?

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Ride pegasus with a flame thrower

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I’d hide in my redneck neighbors basement and wait for the military to come.

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I would convert to the worship of Aphrodite.

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Not too much different. I’d leave the epicenter of the weirdness to get an idea of what it was doing, and then perhaps go back to my daily life. I’d probably see about investing in a handgun.

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Look as untasty as possible

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If Narcissus.appeared, I would immediately show him a pool of water, and the second he glanced in it to see his own reflection, I would push his head under water and drown him!

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Scylla and Charybdis would be ones to keep away from. I agree with others above who would befriend a centaur, but of course you’d need to be careful since most of them (except Cheiron) were not kind to humans.

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I’d go out and befriend the phoenix, then I could be like Dumbledore!

Failing that, I’d become the next Heracles. We know all the tricks now, and divine parentage isn’t that important, is it?

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My hero is Ulysses, who was famous for opposing such creatures, so that would be awsome!

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I’d probably keep a Minotaur for a pet, a Pegasus for transportation, and a Medusa to turn loose on any undesirables who annoyed and irritated me. For my own personal pleasure, I’d divide my time between Aphrodite and Athena.

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I take photos of Medusa, photoshop her in with Tiger Woods and sell them to the tabloids. With the money I’d buy Olympus and put in timeshares.

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I’d ask Aphrodite if she wants to have dinner.

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@mattbrowne I was first. She’s having dinner with me. :-D

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