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Can you "Fluther" and follow a programme on the TV at the same time?

Asked by Sandydog (1263points) January 17th, 2010 from iPhone

I follow Fluther mostly on I Pod Touch, so I can watch TV and read at the same time. If I start to write though its difficult to keep track of any programme thats on.

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I currently am. Fluthering and watching Die Hard 2.

edit ~ a few minutes ago I was also eating pizza.~

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Oh, yeah. I’ve become an old pro at that. Hell, I can fluther and make love at the same time. I’ve learned to do everything while fluthering.

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Oh, oh, oh, oh. Ffffllllluuuuutttthhhheeerrrr!!!!!

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I’ve tried, but usually when I find a question that’s worth answering and worth trying to give a good answer that the question deserves, I get wrapped up in the question and my answer that I miss the TV show. I’m currently trying to find a place to watch a TV show that I missed the first episode of because of that.

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I never watch TV. If I lived alone I wouldn’t own one.

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I am currently Fluthering, playing poker and watching the Chargers/Jets.

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Fluthing and watching “Joseph Smith’s Temple of Doom.”

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Jets/Chargers on TV, rating music in iTunes, fluthering, and trying to keep my wife on task with her packing… guess that’s a yes.

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@nullo that seems an interesting programme !!

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Yep. Kinda creepy, too. And the CGI is gloriously primitive!

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Not well. I get too absorbed in my Fluthering.

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Oh definitely. I’m watching football right now.

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I tend to get Fluther-fixated and don’t do much else while Fluthering.

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I am a huge multi tasker. I am playing a game of online scrabble, having a conversation in real life, watching a show, playing w/ cat, and browsing other forums and sites…

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Last night at around 12 I was patrolling edits on Wikipedia, posting and answering on Fluther, Was on the chatroom talking with people I’ve never meet before AND watching Band of Brothers. Which has some amazing sound design btw.

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I have the TV on most of the time, but “follow the program”? that’s the hard part. I miss a lot, because I put the commercials on mute, and then I don’t notice when the show comes back on.

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