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Why do some guys talk/flirt with a girl a lot and then suddenly, with no explanation stop talking to them?

Asked by seventeen123 (428points) January 17th, 2010

I get a lot of attention from guys, but something I’m just curious about is why sometimes some of them will just stop talking to you and then won’t give an explanation.
What are all the possiblities?

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Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt. Lincoln

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It only takes one bad answer to turn the heads of any and many. Just look at Fluther, and this is not even personal.

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To see what sort of reaction they can get, to make some other girl jealous, to see whether you are someone they want to continue to pursue, as a way to pass the time, and sometimes just for the practice.

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@CaptainHarley i’m guilty of all of those :$

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Maybe they dont really like you.

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As am I, although not in the last 30 years or so. : )

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I’ve found that sometimes the conversation just peters out, and you find yourself struggling to not talk about the weather.
Are we talking about a single engagement, or an extended relationship?

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– Just like if you meet people at parties or whatever, they get your number, and are like: hey we should date! blah blah blah.
and then… stop talking to you one day.

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maybe they no longer wish to associate with you in that manner.

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Why do some girls talk/flirt with a guy a lot and then suddenly, with no explanation stop talking to them?

It goes both ways. It could be they don’t have anything invested so walking away is easiest. Think about this for a second. Someone has decide they don’t want to deal with you anymore. What could possibly motivate them to initiate a conversation to tell you that? It is just a bag of hurt for anyone involved.

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I would think he found someone new.

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Of all the explanations you get, I will give you the best one… Most guys are idiots!!

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Could well be a sudden loss of interest. Not likely anything personal.
That’s not very nice, you know.

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for me, sometimes I’m just being friendly – I’m not necessarily interested just making conversation after all it’s usually more enjoyable to talk to an attractive woman at a party than some random drunk guy. other times the interest is there, but for whatever reason, I’ve decided not to pursue it (not my type, too different in philosophies, said something that really struck me the wrong way, found a better candidate, don’t see a future of any sort in it, bored, too much effort, the list goes on…)

regardless, don’t take it personally or worry about it, it’s their problem not yours.

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@Nullo I know. But I got a great answer… na na na nana naaaa!

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maybe they are just using you and you them and they feel they would be getting too involved if they stick with one same girl to flirt with for too long.

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That happens to me sometimes.
I was wondering why because there was this guy who was obsessed with me and followed me everywhere and really flirty and then one day he decided to stop talking to me and hanging out with me one day and it was really weird I relized he ditched me because he liked me and he was to scared to ask me out so he waited 2 years for me to ask him out which never happened.
He gave up and just walked away….he sometimes talks to me now.

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Many young guys are shallow and self-conscious. They may have little to say.
If you have nothing much to say or are not good at getting them to talk about themselves, then they will walk away.

You can’t depend on your looks or clothes to hold guy’s attention.
For yourself, become a well rounded, interesting person. It will help you make friends, and feel more confident around others. That should help you get the attention of guys with a brain.

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That’s because it’s a classic feminist line. :\ I’ve seen kudos migrate that way before.

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Some guys have the attention span of a goldfish so if someone else comes along that happens to grab their attention they forget you even existed. I mostly ceased interaction due to either mixed signals, or apparent non-interest at the other end.

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because they’re fickle-minded jerks that’s why. but seriously, the most probable thing is that they have found someone they think is worth their time more and so they’re just stop pursuing you just like that <insert snap here>.

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one; you didn’t put out and so they found someone who did.
or two; you put out and then they got bored and found someone else.

It’s a game to a lot of guys; to see how many girls they can get. It’s a sad reality.
However, a lot of girls are this way as well.

And not all guys are this way. It’s fun to just make friends and accept them weather they come or go; even though it is hard sometimes.
It happens to everybody, trust me. I have cried over guys I thought were my friend who soon hated my guts because I refused to have sex with them.
Be proud of yourself, hold your head high, and just find the people worth remaining friends with and you’ll be happy. And soon the immaturity will pass you by and you’ll only have good people in your life.

Good luck (:

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