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When do you decide to make a move?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) January 17th, 2010

When do you/ did you, decide that the person is worthy enough of your time before you made a move? Is it when your feelings for them seem really strong? When you can’t stop thinking about them? What gives you the strength to be brave and ask them out?

Just out of curiosity.

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I didn’t really decide to make a move, my friend screamed “HE REALLY LIKES YOU!!!” at the girl I liked in the middle of a crowded hallway.

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When you feel the time is right. Believe me, you’ll know it and feel it.
Something will just come over you and you’ll suddenly just be like “YES!”.
When it comes to that, go for it.

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If she’s into me and I think there’s something more than a couple rolls in the hay to be had (some depth in conversation and the ability to enjoy being with the person even when there’s nothing to say for example), that’s usually the time.

What gives me the strength? Nothing, we’re not talking about getting in front of a firing squad here, we’re talking about asking someone out. What’s the worse they can do? say no? so what… they might say yes!

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If someone appeals to you and they seem to be pleased that you notice them, then go talk to them. At that point you know very little about them, but you want to know more. So you tell them that and ask them to go on a date with you. If you enjoy one date, you do it again. Each time you go out you will get to know more about them and vice versa.

At some point, you realise that you anticipate hearing their voice, seeing their face, touching their hand. You know enough about them to have a good idea about their character as well. You won’t be able or willing to resist asking them to be your only romantic interest. Together you will discover just how far you want that relationship to go and how long you want it to last.

It is not really so complicated!

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When this total @$$hole of a guy was going to. Luckily I had the perfect opportunity to. I nearly pissed my self tho

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