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What phone should i get?

Asked by killerkadoogen (418points) January 17th, 2010

I would like to get a new phone soon. I currently have a hp iPAQ. As a phone it is good.But the web browsing and all that stuff isnt that good. Also txt msging is difficult. I don’t hate the iphone or blackberry . I am just wondering if there is something as user friendly and all that for less money.

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I just boutht my wife a new Samsung Behold and she loves it. the cost was reasonable and she love it.

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I’ve liked pretty much everything that LG has made. I do not like Motorola’s products.

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iPhone straight up. Make sure to unlock the firmware.. that enables multitasking and high levels of customization. All that crap that the droid commercials says you can’t do. They obviously haven’t played with a custom iphone :-)

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-don’t get lg. Samsung is the Korean brand you want.
-wouldn’t suggest motorola. They’re going downhill in terms of quality.
-Nokia is good but nothing special.
-if you want to support open source software and know something about computers then get the nexus one. It runs android so it’ll have stuff you won’t find in the app store. And everything in it’s is free. And it also has great multi tasking abilitys that iPhones won’t ever have unless…
-iPhones. The older models were okay but the 3gs is simply amazing. Now I’m a person who really doesn’t like mac’s but I just had to get it. The reasons are games (it has 3d accelaration graphics, you theroeticly play gears of war on it), apps (there are about 100,000 apps in it’s store, many of them free.) and a jailbroken iPhone 3gs can do more things than most computers. If you get an iPhone and jailbreak it you’ll have some of the most awe inspiring pieces of technology on the planet. But you’ll be feeding the evil giant that is Apple :(.

The choice is yours. This was typed on an iPod touch 3rd gen

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