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Our dystopian future: "Most Likely to Succeed"

Asked by squirbel (4292points) February 29th, 2008

Science fiction films often present messages of caution nestled in engaging plots and dystopian worlds. The common theme is that the decisions humans make today will have major consequences. Which do you see as “most likely to succeed”, and why? Which is the “worst possible”? Have fun!

Metropolis – Society is divided/wealthy live above ground/workers live underground

Children of Men – Women are infertile/ immigration is non-existent/ people fear their government

Blade Runner – Humans must fight human-like robots they created to maintain balance

Fahrenheit 451 – A world of suppressed knowledge/ books are taboo and most have been burned/ art is nonexistent/ people are controlled with medication

V is for Vendetta – A totalitarian government that fears the people

Aeon Flux – War and disease wipe out most of the human population/ government creates a utopia/ genetic control

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