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Address bar changed after update?

Asked by Violet (6574points) January 18th, 2010

My computer just did a few updates, and now my address bar shows my browsing history. It can not be deleted with my usual Delete Browsing History (through the Tools button).
When I try to delete the the history directly from the address bar, they immediately come right back.
Does anyone know how to disable this?

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Are you using Internet Explorer? If so why?
So many people prefer other browsers.
Have you tried Firefox?

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@Dr_Lawrence sooo… you don’t know how to fix my address bar problem?

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- – Hi Violet! – -

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HI Sunshine!

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CC Cleaner removes history for IE, FIrefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera simultaneously. Also lots of junk outside the browser.

But I hope someone else hasa simple answer to do if from your browser.

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@Violet Do you use Firefox? Tools/Options/Privacy and select “Never Remember History”. Internet Explorer has this too!

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No, I do not have Firefox, and I do not it.
I did try to change my settings for my history, but it does not affect the history on the address bar.

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@Violet! Do you use Internet Explorer? I think I found something…Tools/Internet Options/ Content/Auto Complete and “click” Settings and change the option.

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@phil196662 oh my god, I think I love you! It worked! And your directions were awesome! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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Sneaks off to the Bedroom and waits for @Violet to show up so she can fulfill her desire to Love Me…

glad I could help!

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