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What would you call the TV show Archer? (animation, motion graphics...)

Asked by windex (2932points) January 18th, 2010

Just wanted to know if there is a specific name for that type of animation. Is it just animation?
VERY FUNNY show btw

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It’s just photo-realistic animation. They took photos of actors, traced over them in photoshop, illustrator or whatever. Then used that in the cartoon.

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I’d call it fucking hilarious. Did you ever watch Frisky Dingo? It was done by the same group of guys.

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i can’t stand pam..

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“just the tip.”

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Something I meant to watch the other night….

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I’m on board if it has Lucille Bluth in it.

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I just call it computer animation to distinguish it from old hand drawn stuff on cels but I’m sure there’s a more accurate term.

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dildo tea baggins

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