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Best way to get water spots off wine glasses?

Asked by melanie81 (792points) January 18th, 2010

2 years of Santa Barbara hard water has really made them look bad….usually I wouldn’t care, but I’m having friends over tonight and plan on using them!

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I don’t have really hard water, I just wipe the spots off with tissue paper.

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I’ve heard that vinegar helps remove mineral deposits from glass.

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Cascade! Used in a dishwasher has a water softener in it to keep it from happening, Use just a little in the wash and then rinse several times and put in the drainer.

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Tissue paper here too but if the spots are really stubborn I wash my glasses in a mild bleach & detergent wash, rinse thoroughly with cold watrer then buff to shine with said tissue paper!! :-/ works for me!!

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Boil water over the stove and use the steam from it. Wipe with a dark colored cloth that doesn’t leave lint behind.

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I just hand wash my wine glasses then hand dry them right after.

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I put a little vinegar on a paper towel and buff them. It takes a few minutes but they really do shine.

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The vinegar worked! I just mixed ¾c hot water with ¼c vinegar and dipped a paper towel in it to clean the glasses. Then I rinsed the glasses with warm water and hand-dried them with a dry paper towel.

@Chikipi When I was a waitress, we used to use hot water from the coffee spicket on the side – filled up a coffee mug with that and hovered the wine glasses over to get the spots off with our cloths. Worked great as well!

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vinegar on newspaper is supposed to work even better!

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Best thing to do is to not get the spots in the first place. Use a good drying agent like Jet in your dishwasher. A rinse agent allows the water to sheet off and carry the minerals that spot the glasses off. or get a little water softener for your dishwasher

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A Hammer !! j/k

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Oh, I forgot about this stuff because I haven’t had a dishwasher in years. If you are using a dishwasher on a regular basis for your glassware, it works wonders! I think the brand name may have changed to Finish Glass Magic, but I’d be willing to bet that it works the same.

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hey guys, I don’t have a dishwasher so unfortunately I can’t try any of the stuff you’re talking about!!

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after you have washed your glasses with soapy water rinse them in as hot water as you can stand and leave to drain on a cloth this should stop any water marks, also try the newspaper and vineger trick is does work!!

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@sakura awesome – I will definitely try the newspaper/vinegar thing next time!

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