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How do they make Raisinets so smooth?

Asked by empowzoom (7points) February 29th, 2008

Raisinets are delicious, and a mystery to me- how do they dry the chocolate so that there are no remnants of any surfaces? No flat side, nothing….

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Ooh, ooh! I know!

Or at least I can take an educated guess. There are these huge candy-polishing machines that look like cement mixers. The manufacturer puts the candy pieces in with wax/sugar/whatever they use to polish candy, and it all tumbles around together like a rock polisher.

So I’m guessing they toss the raisins in chocolate, let them cool, then throw them in the polisher and tumble them around until they’re glossy and smooth and lovely.

And now I have a hankering for Raisinets.

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hmm, maybe the proof is in the pudding (the chocolate recipe)? :D

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that’s how they make jelly beans too!

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chunkymuff: I believe you are right, but in the final finishing phase I think they may tumble the chocolate covered raisins with a small amount of beeswax to create a smooth finishing sheen as they do with jellybeans (if you were to look at the ingredients list on the package, I’m pretty sure there would ne some sort of wax or other towarda the end of the list)

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They are created using a layering method where the raisin is coated in vegetable oil, (to ensure they do not stick together) and then covered with melted chocolate. This process is accomplished using a revolvable drum; the raisins are poured in and then small amounts of the chocolate is slowly added to coat them in a thin layer. Including applying a finishing glaze in a ribbed finishing pan, this whole procedure takes about 2 hours.

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You’re all correct. It’s called “panning” because it’s done in an engrossing pan.

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