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Why is laying on the bathroom floor so comfortable when you're sick?

Asked by rangerr (15765points) January 18th, 2010

^ Pretty much it.

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cause the floor is cold, and typically when you’re sick, you either have a fever or at least feel feverish.

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Because it is easier to gain access to the Porcelin Bowl…....

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Oh s*** we all answered at the same time with the same thing… better say something snarky

Because cleaning supplies widen your nostrils which lets more oxygen go to your brain! Same reason I huff em. It’s for my health.

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Because you are secure in knowing your bed is safe from any mess that may come your way during your bathroom excursion.

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Proximity to toilet, cool, water nearby, towel for my head. Plus I always feel good right after the puking so for those few minutes..

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Gross, I’ve never wanted to lie down in the bathroom.

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I don’t think my bathroom floor is “dirty”. No men spraying here!

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The security of knowing the toilet is only a lunge away in case of emergency.

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My bathroom floor at home is like stone. I’d rather not lie on that.

Last time I threw up was at someone else’s house, anyway. :P

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The coolness of the tiles is so comforting and it’s fun to count the grout lines while you’re waiting for better days:)

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How big is your bathroom floor? lol. I can not fit on mine…what with the catgenie and all…

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Normally because you’re exhausted and it feels better to lay down and let your mind focus on nothing as opposed to standing up and moving around.

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It’s nice and cool and as low as you can get so you don’‘t need to be afraid of falling.

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I think it’s the fact that you’re not barfing that feels good! Just getting to relax all your muscles and not be heaving feels like heaven.

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I don’t find it to be comfortable when I’m sick.
Perhaps only when I black out from drinking too much.
Splat goes Vanessa.
I’d prefer to vomit on the tile than the carpet since I have this weird thing about throwing up in toilets. Gross. I’d prefer to not puke where I shit and I’d prefer to not lie down where the bowl who’s made it’s acquaintance with 356289 turds is only inches away from my face…

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Cool tiles

That sums it up.

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Location, Location, Location!

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I guess I did it because I felt like s*** and thought I was in hell

The floor is cool, closer to the toliet, and made it an easier clean up. Gosh I don’t miss those days and I’m glad to I don’t take it to that extreme anymore.

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I have not had to lie on the bathroom floor in years, but I think it’s the coolness of the tiles that makes it so comfortable and the proximity to the toilet.

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I’ll take my bed over the bathroom floor on any sick day.

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It’s cold,quiet,and allow privacy.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities And risk puking in your bed? :)

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C’mon, it’s not that hard to put a puke bowl on the floor next to your bed. And so much more comfortable. :)

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Then you have to wash the bowl_ Yuck.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir My bathroom is pretty big.. I can stretch out in 3 directions and have plenty of room.

Plus the rugs in here are very very comfortable.

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(Am I allowed now to mention that it’s lying on the bathroom floor?)

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@gailcalled LMAO. Did you have to ask? I mean seriously, you know you can’t resist.
By the way, is this correct? “I’d prefer to not lie down on the bathroom floor.”
Or is it lay?

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@gailcalled I’m Fluthering from the bathroom floor. Relax, grammar nazi.

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(What’s an original synonym for Grammar Nazi?)

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@gailcalled Yeah, well you see, I’m not good with the whole reading through a whole bunch of shit to get a yes or no. I have a feeling it’s lay. Correct?
And the original synonym would be gailcalled.

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Why are you sick, rangerr? Got some gravol, pepto, eno?

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It’s because it’s the one room in the house where they will all leave you the hell alone to die in peace :)

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@Merriment you obviously don’t have kids. :)

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@faye I’ve got Nyquil. That’s about all we have in this house.

I sent my mom a text saying ”Laying on bathroom floor. Sick. Leave me alone.”
So she runs downstairs and makes me get up to open the door so she can ask what’s wrong.

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@ella – actually I do that’s how I discovered that the inherent threat of nudity implied by my being in the bathroom was magic!

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@Merriment oh! they’re older, then? cause my four and seven year old see a closed bathroom door as a flashing neon sign that screams to them that mommy is lonely, desperately craving their company, and is desirous of diffusing an urgent battle over a my little pony/littlest pet shop/cabbage patch doll! good to know they grow out of that at some point..

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@ella ohmygawd! you have given me a PTSD flashback to the bad good ole days! Yes, one day that all comes to a halt and then we miss it :)

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As a kid I recall laying on the floor in my parents bathroom because it was bigger than my bathroom. I recall it was most comfortable. My kids have never tried to lay on the bathroom floor. Probably because I put a big black trash bag in a laundry basket beside their beds. They don’t have to move and I can just cinch up the trash bag and pitch it. Much easier.

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Because I feel like hell and don’t want to move. I had to get up and move to the bathroom and vomit. Once I’m finished I just want to be very still as soon as possible.

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i agree with the cold comments. I was once ready to throw the hell up. sat down on the bathroom floor and felt so much better.

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just the way life is.. i guess

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Because its cold and when you have a fever it helps reduce the temp at times.

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Another thing to think about is when you have it coming out both ends, the bathroom is the safest place.

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