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You own the movie/tv show. It comes on TV. Do you watch it?

Asked by tinyfaery (40254points) January 18th, 2010

I do, and I have no idea why. I’ll watch it cut and with commercials when I can easily pop in the DVD.

Buffy just started airing on Logo. I am watching it, commercials and all. I own the entire series.

What’s wrong with me?

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You are lazy like the rest of us. The convenience of it already being on outweighs the effort of getting up, getting the DVD, finding your chapter, and watching it. I do the same thing.

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I just watched an episode of LOST on the computer because I was too lazy to walk to the living room and pop the DVD in.

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If I go there wanting to watch the show, I’ll watch it on the DVD. Otherwise, if it just happens to be on, I see no reason to pop in the DVD when the show’s right there.

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Even with commercials?

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All the time.

Because it’s something I enjoy. I don’t even know why we bother buying dvds..we rarely watch them. But, I watch the movies or shows on tv all the time…tv show wise, Scrubs and Futurama are two that I own all the seasons to, yet watch them on tv.

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@tinyfaery Yeah. Commercials don’t bug me that much. Not nearly as much as walking all the way to the DVD player ~.

I don’t know how to justify it, besides just pure laziness.

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I won’t watch it with commercials, otherwise I’m actually more likely to choose to watch it if I catch it randomly on TV than if I own it… go figure.

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@tinyfaery, don’t feel bad. I did that just the other night with Princess Bride. ”“Bye bye boys!” “Have fun stormin’ the castle”

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ive been known too. ;)

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No, I don’t. Not if I already have the DVD. Though usually I get the DVDs after I’ve seen it on TV. When it comes to something like Family Guy, however, never. The TV versions cut scenes, censor others, and there are commercials. The DVD experience with that is just infinitely better. As for something like Lost, there’s no need to watch it on TV after I’ve already seen it twice (first on TV when it’s new and then on the DVDs).

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@DominicX So the DVD’s make Family Guy watchable? I’ll believe it when I see it…

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When I had cable, I was the same way. Even if I had the DvD or had seen it a million times already, if a movie was playing on the TV, it was like watching it for the first time again.

Not necessarily a great “first time again”, but enough to keep me from putting in the DvD.

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No, I don’t, if I already have the DVD. I can watch one of those shows whenever I want to. I prefer seeing something on TV that I’ve not seen before, if the set’s on.

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yeah i do that and dont really know why. but i never put the movie in the player and watch it . sometimes when you like something and get into it you like to sit there with popcorn or something and the comercials give you a chance to get up to get more or do whatever else you need to do. even tho with the movie you own you can just pause it.. its not the same thing .

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Watch it on DVD, do some livetweeting until people start asking u why ur up to a different part of the show/movie

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one of the Sky channels has been showing Blackadder and The Thin Blue Line recently and I’ve been enjoying watching them while having dinner, even though I have them on DVD. I suppose it’s partly because they’re on, and also because even though they are as old as they are, they’re still so much better than most of the rubbish that passes for entertainment on tv nowadays lol. That having been said, I have been just LOVING the 2nd series of Wallander with the always fabulous Kenneth Branagh, and can’t wait for amazon to deliver my pre-ordered copy on dvd so I can watch them all over again :-)
hugs everyone xx

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Sometimes, if there is nothing else on TV that I want to watch and haven’t seen already I will watch it just because it’s conveniently on. I’m not bothered by adverts (commercials) because it means I can go to the loo or make a cup of tea without hitting the pause button. However, I don’t make a special effort to watch something I own on DVD ie: stay in especially to watch it. Only if I have nothing else that I want or should be doing.

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