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What would happen if a Hells Angel was caught riding a Kawasaki?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1158points) January 18th, 2010

Or Honda, or Ducati, or any non-Harley bike make for that matter?

If another Hells Angels saw them on one, what would they do?

If a Hells Angel club boss saw, what would they do?

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He’d be stripped of his patch, they’d shave his ass and teach him to walk backwards.

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They would discuss the matter over Tea & Crumpets !

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There was a very non politically correct joke about just this situation. It was funny but I wouldn’t repeat it.

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@rooeytoo Then please tell me in a PM. Thanks.

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Aaaaw, @rooeytoo, I want to hear it, too!

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I seem to recall seeing a Hell’s Angel on a BSA once. That would have been over thirty years ago.

Do they even make BSA bikes anymore?

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the same thing you would say if you saw your grandma on a Harley Davidson.

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Right Clyde!

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No fat, drunk bastard riding a Harley could ever catch me on my Honda anyway.

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They would release the orangutang on him.

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He would get a Rocket sent to his crotch.

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Membership in a 1% club today requires you ride a Harley Davidson or other American made motorcycle. That does not mean you can NEVER ride a Honda or Suzuki. Sonny Barger one of the founding members of the HA now rides a Victory and admits he never much was a big fan of HD and wishes they would have not made the rule against non American bikes. In the early days of 1% clubs it was not unusual for a member to ride a Triumph or BSA or Norton but in those days Harleys were affordable so more guys rode them. That being said if the club member is wearing his colors he WILL be riding his USA made bike. He would not violate his club rules. It’s not an issue if he is not wearing his colors.

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