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Why do some people sweat a lot more than me?

Asked by nebule (16436points) January 19th, 2010

I seem to break out in a sweat at the slightest hint of exercise, even a few squats will get my brow perspiring after a few reps… alright well maybe a little more than that… but seriously…

I went to this class this morning… a lower limb physio class to strengthen ankles and knees and I was beginning to sweat after the warm up…which was walking around in a circle and doing basic leg lifts and rotations…. Others in the class barely broke out a sweat the whole time… (and I am quite fit!)

Is there a good reason why some people sweat more than others? Is this a bad thing when you sweat easily… or does it mean you’re body is functioning efficiently because of course it’s trying to cool you down right?

…hmmm but then that means that you’re body is getting hot quickly doesn’t it… so… um… yes over to you anyway…

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You remember the pilot in “Airplane”, who looked like a faucet was on in his head? That’s me.
That is just my metabolism. I remember reading an interview with Hunter Thompson, who had the same problem, and he said a doctor told him not to worry about it, till it stops.

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Join the club! (we have T-shirts). Some folks tell me it’s all the red meat I enjoy. Oh, well – like I’m gonna give THAT up!

I sweat like a lawn sprinkler (chik, chik, chik, chik, chikkachikkachikkachikkachikka!)

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Diet and medications can impact your bodies need to perspire. I also found how you breathe when exercising can impact your need to sweat. Deep cooling belly breaths through pursed lips will help bring cool air into your body.

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Wow Im the same….I asked a question on here lately and everyoone said its normal

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I think it is genetic. Your coloring is Celtic. Mine is as well. My whole family is that way. We turn red in the face from the least little bit of exertion and we sweat like a faucet running!

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So it’s an Irish thing? I’M Irish!

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@stratman37 See? Another data point for my hypothesis.

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Kiss Me, I’m Sweaty!

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phew! (wipes brow) ;-) I’m normal…

I don’t’ seem to meet many sweaty peeps though…

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I’m probably off base here since you stated you’re healthy and exercising, but a friend of mine started sweating a lot shortly after her 31st birthday. She went to the doctor and found out that her blood pressure was way out of control. So, if this is new to you, you might want to see your doctor, but if it’s your normal, just enjoy it!

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I’ve sweated heavily ever since childhood, even in freezing weather. My fathers side of the family are all like that (English/Welsh descent). I’m pretty sure that the condition is genetic. I carry a towel everywhere, even before I read “Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

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don’t sweat the small stuff, like sweat!

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If you think it’s a problem then go see a Doctor because there might be a treatment for it.
I perspire a lot, but when i exercise it’s normal lol. When i’m around others or in tense situations or just nervous i sweat a lot. I kinda solved mine by using certain body sprays/deo, but your problem’s a bit different so if you think it’s getting too troublesome then theres no harm in asking a Doctor for their opinion.

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I have an Irish background-waaay back, and i have always worn a hat to garden or I’d be blinded. As a nurseI would sometimes have to back up and swab my forehead with my arm so I didn’t drip int the patient! And my BP is high and kind of out of control, too.

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I’m betting people that sweat are more normal than people who don’t sweat.

I’m a non-sweater. I don’t even need deodorant because I don’t even have a smell…it has to be really hot out for me to pull out a tube of deodorant. But, from like September until April, I don’t use it. I always used to wear it, probably out of habit..but then stopped and realized I didn’t need it (and I’ve asked the people around me…people who would tell me the truth. No one has ever said I smell or anything lol.)

My mother sweats very easily. Maybe it’s genetics?

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You are insanely lucky!!! I would kill to have no sweat x___x
Ugh, im sweating now… DX

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I’m the same, I sweat a lot too.

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I have noticed that my amount of perspiration directly correlates to how much water i am consuming. If i stick to 2+ liters a day, which i do when I am being more mindful of my diet, I tend to sweat much more than when i don’t drink so much. Do you drink a lot of water on a regular basis?

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Its because your so hot, not much you can do about it I am afraid :D sorry cheesy I know but I had too :) lol

But check this out its good read, might help you out! :)

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i sweat alot when im nervous or embarassed. i wish i could change that. =(

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@Steve_A lol, thank you!! I don’t think a nineteen year old has ever said that to me! ;-) lol

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@lynneblundell You are most welcome miss ;)

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