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Is Fluther getting boring?

Asked by Phil (155points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone
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somewhat, but only b/c of the increase in people asking uninteresting questions. [:

yeah, i said it.

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OH, and that wasn’t directed towards you! (sorry, i realized that might have seemed aimed at you)

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that’s a part of it but I wouldn’t mind that much if there was also a steady stream of interesting questions, but there isn’t. There just isn’t much activity and most of it sucks.

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yeah i agree. people are just using it to get whatever (usually simple) question they need answered, answered, and not putting back into the community. but then again it’s understandable b/c a wave of new users just came in and they haven’t used it before.

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noob question:

What’s the normal level of activity? When are the dead times normally?

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@squirbel: good question. I’m curious to know the answer.

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It bugs me when I see a question that someone’s asking that I think should be able to be answered with a simple Google or Wikipedia search. Maybe I’m guilty of this myself, but I think it’s best to ask things with more than just one answer!

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Flutter can be interesting, as long as you like helping ppl and informing them of which they don’t already know, it can be an interesting community plus you get to learn things, who is to say we all think exactly alike, therefor we learn from each other.

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When people are being jerks, yeah.

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I think it is definately all the new users. There are sooooo many boring or (and I use this lightly because of the outrage that all the noobs seem to be sending to users of this word) “stupid” questions that I don’t even get past the first page before I’m bored.

On that note it makes me feel bad if there is someone who has a real question I can help with but doesnt get help because I’m sick of the questions before I really dive in. Oh well I guess… Sorry to those people.

Hopefully these “noobs” will eventually get bored and move on.

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I like fluther, and answering questions. It helps me relieve the need to have an answer for everything in real life. It just gets boring when good questions are scarce! :(

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We’re working hard to crack down on the really crappy questions. We should be blogging about our new community features coming up in the next week or so.

If you think the bar is too low, please, tell us in feedback!

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Ask clear, intelligent questions, spell correctly, remember that punctuation serves a a purpose, don’t expect us to do your homework or research for you, respect the collective, eliminate forever “lol,”“awesome,” “kind of.” Use appropriate and accurate tags.

And don’t have silly online dialogs w. friends in order to earn points…ie, “you got there first,” “hahahah.” Go private for that.

Perfect examples of very good questions are child abuse,
child’s health, SF alley garden

And I personally have had a lot of good help w. tech issues – computers, new TVs, etc.

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