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What are your thoughts on tarot card fortune telling? are you a believer?

Asked by bean (1327points) January 19th, 2010

Do you believe tarot card readings really predict what may happen in the future? Do you think it helps with a problem? Have you had any experience with fortune telling?
what are your thoughts?

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You will believe what you want to.

I predict that @Snarp will say… “I don’t believe anyone can predict the future”

@kheredia will say… “Nope.. its just another way of making money.”

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I don’t believe anyone can predict the future.

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Nope.. its just another way of making money.

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I think it depends on the person doing it. Some people just want to make a little bit of money from it, but some people are really good. I go to (what I call) a psychic therapist. She has been dead on with some stuff months before it happened. But she also helps me to look at my past and come up with strategies for how to react in similar situations in the future. I think it’s also the type of thing you have to experience and take with a grain of salt. And if you have your cards read or your fortune just think of it as a way to have fun more than something to trust lock stock and barrel.

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Garbage would my opinion. Although Solitaire in the Bond movie Live &Let Die could possibly convert me….well probably not but i’d have fun trying.

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It’s a way for some people to clarify certain existing patterns in their life – hey, whatever helps, right? But no, it doesn’t predict the future.

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@ChazMaz @Snarp @kheredia LMFAO!

@all I don’t believe you can predict the future, but many times you can guess pretty accurately if you know the person, and I believe in self fufilling prophecies.

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i don’t believe anyone can tell your future, but i believe that you can make your own future a reality with a little push

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I don’t think the card reading does anything other than separate the gullible from their money. Out of curiosity I once learned the meanings of the cards, but never believed that they could actually predict anything. The people who make a living doing this are just very good at telling others what they want to hear or dispensing good general-purpose advice.

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Tarot, Runes, Astrology, and the I Ching do NOT predict the future. These are ancient tools used to guide a person to self improvement.

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@ChazMaz lol!!! Wow.. you’re really good!!!!

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Sometimes the power of suggeston can be a strong thing.

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@sleepdoc – I knew you would say that.

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Good psychics can draw useful conclusions from the body language and tone of voice of their clients. Tarot cards or crystal balls are just a pretense because too many people love hocus pocus. But there are many bogus psychics out there trying to make a lot of money. If you need advice talk to a real counselor with a good academic background.

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@Dracool : Exactly! <3

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I don’t think it is necessarily a total waste of money. It can help reinforce a direction the person wants to move in. It can be a form of encouragement.

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I’m with lady @JLeslie

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@JLeslie – For that matter so can a hooker. ;-)

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Funny that the tools I mentioned above are the butt of so much ridicule. How about talking snakes and people rising from the dead?

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I do not believe in them, they hold no “real” power. For those that give them creedance, they hold more power. The mind is a wonderful thing and if you believe something like that enough, you can make things happen that seem to bear it out.

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@Dracool Those will get plenty of ridicule around here too.

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@Snarp equal opportunity ridicule .. I like it:)

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Don’t want to know the future!

Answering your question, it would be no!

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@ChazMaz A hooker? Should you answer surprise me after what you wrote about porn?~ ;-) (you bad boy)
I don’t know about all of that, but I think the study of Heraldry is kind of cool, and I’ve kind of gotten interested since watching some stuff about the Masons and Templars on the History Channel. I think if yo act like you believe what you say, you can make up anything about some cards or a crystal ball or whatever and there are people who will believe. But I’m on another thread right now and taking it up the a## for tossing out a possibility about God and Satan, so my credibility is questionable.

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@Trillian D: you sound so open to ideas, i like it!

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@Trillian… maybe Tarot cards are just one persons way of explaining things and God in another’s.

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I try to have an open mind and allow for possibilities that I haven’t considered before. I had thought there would be more here who were the same, but there are a surprising number of people who have slapped a coat of quick-set over the way they see things and stand guard over it like a pit bull, growling and threatening anyone who comes close to stating something other than….

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Tarot cards were originally a game, it derived from playing cards, the four suits which became the four arcanas, they are more of advice cards, you choose your own advice by your own hand which is like ‘deciding your own fate’ it’s like a traditional way of seeking wisdom, some of the cards can be pretty negative too, you have to apply the meaning to your own question.
It is pretty silly sometimes, when seeing a ‘professional’ fortune teller even if you have any negative out comes they always ‘put it lightly’ which is a let down, because sometimes the advice is good… but you don’t get a full detailed description of what is going on.

It’s interesting what every one has to say about tarot cards… I’d like to hear more

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This is complicated. Or maybe not. I believe that what the tarot card readers are really reading is the person they are doing the reading for. Images from the cards provide an opportunity for the client to open up, and any intuitive person can fill in many gaps from little pieces of information. Give the reader three points, and they can probably fill in a whole picture.

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@wundayatta – So Tarot cards are nothing more then a Rorschach test?

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ChaMaz Don’t put words in my mouth. They taste somewhat…. uh…. like a bog, I guess.

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No, I don’t believe in any of it. I think that mattbrowne really hit it with the body language and visual cues.

I went to a psychic fair once to humor my best friend. It was the night of my now ex-husband’s bachelor party, so I was in a not-so-great mood. I didn’t bother with any make-up and was a bit overweight at that time. Just for grins, I took off my engagement ring. I chose a psychic and waited my turn. She called me over, we talked, and one of the things she said to me was, “Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t found someone yet. Your time will come.” She made the assumption that the overweight, plain-faced girl with no ring on her finger couldn’t possibly have found someone, based on the cues she had. Not based on any kind of ability.

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I think it can help people who really believe in it. Sort of like the placebo that got rid of the headache. So in a way.. it just allows someone to heal under their own power… a catalyst.

But no.. I don’t believe there is any merit whatsoever to magic the gath.. i mean tarot cards.

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I don’t believe in it or anything that resembles it. Tealeaves, chicken bones, I Ching, God and the Devil. Not for me.

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the Iphone predicts the fututre bette than Tarot Cards…

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I’ve been reading Tarot cards for myself and friends for over 15 years. The cards have predicted the future accurately too many times to count. The cards have also shown situations in a new light that suggested new ways of looking at problems, giving help.

I’ve had cards read for me by friends and professionally. A few times, it was obvious to me that the reader had no idea what he/she was talking about, but many times, what was shown in the cards was the way things eventually played out.

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I had them done a while ago, only once about ten years ago I paid no money as it was done by a friend of a friend of a friend & the reading has pretty much been accurate! So who knows, I’m keeping an open mind……. :-/
she was very knowledgeable with the cards & put quite a few things in to perspective for me at the time, I picked the cards, she just interpreted them to me, at the time I didn’t know what to think but a lot of what was said would happen,, has,, so who knows??? :-/

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My sister use to do it. Then she found Jesus.

I guess the same difference.

Don’t worry, Jesus finds humor in everything. :-)
At least I hope.

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I practice Tarot Reading, and it really helps me a lot. When I use it for my own problems it doesn’t straightforwardly solve them, it tells me what to do and guides me. I read for others as well and if the person is a believer, it always works out.

Yes, the cards do tell the future but I rarely read for myself because I believe it can be terrible to know your future at times. Other people’s futures shown on the cards have always come true though.

Yes, Tarot tells the future, and you’d be insane not to believe that it does because the facts are all there.

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I dont. I believe we make our own features. God is responsible for our futures.

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To be honest I do not really know, since I have never tried. I did it once along time ago for kicks with some people….

Guess I could just go buy a pack somewhere and test them out for myself. What other way would I make such a decision? ;)

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Features=Futures? right?
So, you beleive we make our own futures but God is responsible at the same time?
So, God controls us?
And Tarot doesn’t make your future, it tells you it. You can easily change your mind about things but ask the question again after changing your mindset and the cards will change with it.

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Sorry about the typo. Futures is what i meant to say. God is ultimately responsible for our futures but make them. I believe that he oversees it and we create it by the choices we make. Sometimes we dont have good futures because of the choices that we make but God still watches every future that we get reguardless. I respect what you say about the Tarot cards but I dont believe that it can tell you the future…. but I still have an open mind about the subject though.

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Good to know you got an open mind about it, try it out one time? There should be places near you, a Wiccan Store or such.
And yes, we make our own decisions and control our lives I believe that. but not in god, so I dont believe he/she/it watches us. Does it matter if he does or doesnt though? What will it effect you?

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It does affect us. If we pray to him… If there is no God then where did all the beauty in the world came from? How can you explain your feeling when someone is hurting and you want to help them badly? How can you explain the joy you get from helping another person? How can you explain the voice in your head when you have done something wrong? There is a God my friend… Thats a fact!!!

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The Beauty comes from the Earth, not God. The Earth was created and it’s grown so much. It’s had billions of years to become so great, not because of God. I don’t think we can explain “feelings”, they are there though but God did not create them. We Humans are so complex it’s crazy, but it’s not God’s doing it’s how we evolved. It probably wasn’t coincidence…It’s something much greater that we can’t understand. But we use “God” so we can know that something is there. It’s to feel safe.

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@MattBrown I agree with you, as I often do. Body language and visible reactions provide Tarot Card readers with valuable information.

I refuse to deny that something I don’t understand might have some value in the hands of some very intuitive person. Do I believe that the cards predict anything, No.

Many intuitive people have used their intuition as the first step in scientific inquiry.

There is at least one very intuitive woman on fluther whose quasi-scientific theory she made up turns out to be well supported by scientific research.

I’ve seen Tarot Card readers do readings for strangers to them but not to me, who identified things about the subject not clearly observable in that setting. How? I don’t know.

I keep an open mind because there are multiple routes to deriving insights. Some are much more reliable than others. Some people, regardless of their tools or props are extraordinarily intuitive. Others, despite all their knowledge (real or imagined) could not predict the time of day with a working wristwatch!

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@ChazMaz You are my favourite person for the day.

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I’m not a believer in the cards holding any precient information. I do believe there are precient people who choose to focus themselves through the use of and belief in things like cards, crystals, bones, etc.

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My mom reads Tarot cards, and though she’s only read mine a few times (which is all she will allow) the predictions with them are very vague. I guess you could say that I am a believer, but I can’t validate that in any way

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I am married to an expert Tarot card reader. For him the cards are part of the overall psycho-drama involved in getting people to get in touch with their own possibilities. A good reader can read the person, and their reactions.

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I believe that there’s something to it. I also believe that we should have nothing to do with it.
Bring out the stakes!

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scrying involves using dice rolls, a random event, letters on runes, and drawn cards to stimulate thought.

Most people having stimulating thought, will allow their mind to go where they need to, and develope better insight.

a very rare subset of people scrying will actually do something more, although it is common lore that majiks no longer exist.

Loose statements, using cues can generate believable predictions – but what if there were more to it?

The Russians and the US invested massively in this during the cold war. Nobody is publishing papers that I’m aware of.

Therefore – if it’s occurring – it’s not explained by natural process, therefore supernatural, until explained. Most likely just rare and natural, and very disturbing gifts to those affected.

Most scrying is simply pattern matching thought processes, no majic. Just a complicated Rorschach card. Useful nonetheless for at least entertainment if not self exploration.

I’ve been told it’s best to keep a familiar around (dog, cat, friend). If you meditate on these things you are “opening yourself” – if you have no religion, then…


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Tarot cards and crystal balls is a bit strange, but I don’t believe that we can see the future
in those cards or balls. I think most of the predictions may be guess work. We decide the path we want to walk in life.

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Yes, you decide it. But the Tarot cards just say it. It’s not demanding that you do what it says, it’s saying that this will happen.

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Never had a tarot card reading and don’t intend to.

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@pearls me either….ditto, ditto, and ditto!

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@BoBo1946 I’ve got better things to spend my money on.

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why was sex tagged for this question??
I think tarot cards are only for fun/entertainment

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@Violet I think it might be because people want to know if they will, or the sex of their baby.

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@YARNLADY hmm, ok thanks (I think gender could work just as well)

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Personally, I do not believe in the ability of such services to actually predict your future, but that is not to say there can be no value to be gained by the experience. In Richard Ford’s “The Sportswriter” (one of my favorite novels), the main character, Frank Bascombe, visits a palmist simply to put his problems in perspective, which he describes in the following passage:
“I am certainly not embarrassed to go there, you can bet on that. Since for five dollars, she will lead you into a dimly lit back bedroom of her sturdy suburban house, where there is plastic-brocade drapery over the window. (I wondered, first time through, if a little Levantine cousin or sister wouldn’t be waiting there. But no.) There the light is greenish-amber, and a tiny radio plays softly sinous Greek-sounding flute music. There is an actual clouded crystal ball on the card table (she has never used this) and several stacks of over-sized tarot cards. Once we’re in place she will hold my hand, trace its tender lines, wrinkles her brows as if my palm revealed hard matters, look puzzled or relieved and finally say hopeful, thoughtful things that no other stragers would ever think to say to me.
She is the stranger who takes your life seriously, the personage we all go into each day in hopes of meeting, the friend to the great mass of us not at odds with much; not disabled from anything; not “sick” in the strictest sense.”

Anyhow, I liked that and thought I’d pass it along.

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For some strange reason I am able to read about someone’s life through regular cards. I have very strong intuition and the cards tell me a story. I found out my sister was pregnant of a little girl who she was going to name Liza . Without saying a word – a few weeks later my sister said she was having a little girl and they would name her anna-eliza.

Last year, my friend made me read her cards. I saw a little boy and pregnancy sometime around July. She told me she couldnt have kids. By december, she texted me that she was pregnant. He is a little boy due for July.

These are just two examples!

I have been able too feel and see flashes from people’s future and past. Have I charged anyone? Nope. Does it scare me? Yes. Do I share this info to the world, not really only on Fluther cause none of yalls know what I look like haha so there.

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