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Is it really over?

Asked by sillymichelleyoung (217points) January 19th, 2010

Alright…I my ex just dumped me two days ago because, “I told you many times not to lean on me while my parents are home and you’re making my parents feel uncomfortable. I’m not happy about this situation and dislike being scold at, so we still can talk..but just as friends. Sorry if this makes it awkward during classes and we can’t do anything in the near future. I told you to talk to my family and friends, but you weren’t coming out of your shell. I really do like you, but family comes first. Sorry. So I was wondering if it’s really over. I wrote an apology letter to his parents because I apologized to my ex, but he said I should be saying sorry to his parents. When people ask, he just says, ” I did it cuz things weren’t working out.”

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You are too clingy for him. That’s just an excuse. It would be over anyway.

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cut his name in your forearm with a pen. show him you really care.

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Sorry, sweetie, but it sounds like it really is over.

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Yeah, it’s over. But you’ll be ok.

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It sounds over. The good news is you can grow from this experience, it might be the first step to “coming out of your shell”.

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Sorry, but yeah, that one’s over. Learn from it, remember the good things, and move on. You’ll be better for it.

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Based on the info you give, I’d say he was pretty sure about it. I know it hurts but you are young (very young I’d hazard a guess) and it’s a learning curve. Try to take all the positives in your relationship and that may help you move on, who knows maybe he’ll come round once he misses you for a while.

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He was not right for you and you for him. Your need for physical contact he could not fill. You will find another who fits you better <3 Keep happy, learn from what you did and didn’t like about this fellow, and apply it to your next relationship. When you find that special one you’re going to be sooo happy that you two broke up when you did.

Trust me <3

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Yes, it’s over. Is he really what you would want since his family was so intrusive and scolded you (and him) because you “leaned on him”?

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sounds as if it is and from what i can gather thats a good thing. ;)

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Yes, it is over. Your ex-boyfriend is still quite immature and was afraid to stand up for you. He is still dependent on his parent approval as well as everything else, no doubt. Grieve, Learn, Move on.

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Ouch. Sorry you’re going through this.

Yes, I think it’s over, but you should be happy about that. He sounds like he’s a little bit arrogant, and likely to be a mama’s boy to boot. Good riddance.

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It is. It might be he is the one more self conscious of yours and his behavior in front of his family which means he’s not ready to be an individual much less a partner. “Leaning” on each other shouldn’t be any big deal for a comfortable romantic couple. Now, there’s a difference between leaning on each other and clinging to every step of the way- both people have to comfortable with the degree of physical contact.

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@eponymoushipster Very few people understand what you really need to do to get to a guy’s heart.

Leaning? Oh, dear god. They’ll be holding hands next. Sounds like he and his family are barking mad. Good riddance, I say.

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It sounds like he was really just making excuses, and it really is over. You’re probably way too good for him anyway babe!

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Things are never really “over” until one of the two makes a decision that t is over. This is expressed by ACTIONS, not WORDS. People make excuses for wahtever reason…. sometimes to test, sometime to distance, and sometimes because they really feel that way. Look at the actions of the person who is committing to “it’s over”, not the words. It is easy to make an assesment. Always agree with them when they say it is over… and act accordingly (actions, not words)) See what they do. That will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know!

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dick head he is…. such a small reason to break it off… act like you don’t give a crap about him….

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You can’t lean on him! What an idiot, he’s your boyfriend, your supposed to lean on him. I know your hurting now but you are best rid of him, he is an immature prick.

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It sounds like it is really over, but people play so many games.

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