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Do girls prefer cocky or gentle on the dance floor?

Asked by Ollgby (20points) February 29th, 2008


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mostly, they prefer gentle I think.

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There are all kinds of girls. This is an impossible question to accurately answer without more detailed information. I think its times like these when people start by generalizing women that they fail right off the bat.

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I agree with Spargett. Women very from one another.
I.E.- its a generalized statement that all women love chocolate. If you think about it, that’s just insane. There may be a vast amount that like it but I’m sure there are those out there that dislike it as well.

As for your question Ollgby, do you have any previous expericences with the girl you are talking about that could give you clues to find the answer you desire?

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They want confident, non-aggressive and non-threatening. Whose going to want to dance with you if you just ‘showed them up?’ Dont be weird, don’t get jealous, go in with low expectations and you’ll have a good time.

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Personally I like my boy sweet, talented, and supportive. We go mamboing, and swing dancing, and i’m okay (but not good) at it… but he puts up with it. When we’re dancing at parties its usually a mix of all those things. We can’t really slowdance because he’s 6’4” and i’m 5’1”.

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I agree with jamms (except for maybe the whole low expectations part). Be confident, but not pushy. And whatever you do, definitely don’t be like Will Ferrell & Chris Kattan when they bump the girl between them. Funny on TV… not in real life. ;-]

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Personally, I prefer goofy and fun.

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