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I have a snail in my fresh water frog tank but can't tell if it is alive and/or sick?

Asked by grrgold (88points) January 19th, 2010

My kids received one of those self-contained fresh water African Dwarf Frog tanks. The tank included 2 frogs, a bamboo, a snail, and some pebbles. After doing some research online we found out that the habitat provided by the retailer wasn’t the optimal for the frogs so we decided to get a larger tank. Before we transferred the frogs to their new tank, we noticed that the snail was at the bottom of the tank instead of stuck to the sides of the tank. We have transferred the frogs and the bamboo to a larger tank, but have not transferred the snail because we think it might be sick. How do we know if it is OK and if it is safe to transfer it to the new, larger enclosure?

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It’s a snail. Just transfer it and see what happens. They sometimes come un-stuck when things are being moved around or if they are knocked off the glass. Watch it for a few days. If it is really dead, make escargot.

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Wow. On a serious answer note.
What kind of snail is it? Do you know?
I’m not sure which ones they put in those little tanks.

But thank you for getting a bigger tank. I hate those little ones.

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@rangerr…. I have no idea what kind of snail it is. The tank didn’t even come with information about the frogs. It took a lot of online research to figure out the frogs, but can’t find much on the snail.

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What does it look like? Is it tiny and brown?

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Its about 1cm, dark brown or black looking shell. It is hard to tell what the body looks like since it was inside the shell most of the time (even when stuck to the glass).

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Those little guys are just the janitors, so it’s normal for them to go wherever.
Is he just lying on the bottom, shell opening up?
How exactly is he resting on the bottom.

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Im guessing a nerite snail, as rangerr said, is it moving around the bottom? Is it moving at all?

My snails often clean my gravel so them being off the glass doenst sound like much concern, its the are they moving or not part thats important :P

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It is not moving at all. However, I put it in a separate dish and it did latch on to the bottom of it (but has not moved at all in the last 24–36 hours).

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is it still in the shell? If so, its alive. i really wouldn’t be concerned about putting it in the larger tank though. I cant think of and illnesses that it would be able to carry to the frog.

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It is still in it’s shell. Thanks!

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yea, id toss it over to the big tank. Good luck with it. Good thing is, if it does end up dying on you, you can find another at most fish stores for less than a dollar

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