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Does Wikipedia have a iPhone web app?

Asked by hasnawt (4points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone
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yes. Just go to, then hit the ”+” key at the bottom of the screen, then hit “add to home page”. Wala! Wickopedia app made simple. You can do that with just about any site. It just sorta bookmarks it as an icon on your home screen.

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I think he wants one formatted for the Iphone.

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turn the phone widescreen. The normal page is just fine. On any other phone try

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There are several listed on Launchrz… here’s the list:

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My favorite (and I’ve looked at most of them) is Wikipanion (FREE and $5 “plus” version in the App Store). Has all the features you’d want including BOOKMARKING (which is lacking on the original Wikipedia site!)

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