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What is the best bed out there for lower back pain?

Asked by serenity (76points) January 20th, 2010

I just purchased the sleep by number bed…. the P5 and am still having terrible lower back pain. Just got rid of an 8 year old bed thought this would do the trick.

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I had this problem and have been in so much less pain since I bought my mattress topper. It’s one of those memory foam ones. It isn’t even all that big (thickness wise) but its made such a difference I can’t even begin to tell you. After the first night I slept on it I said to hubby (in the morning) Mum’s having one of these, and ordered one for my Mother-in-Law that day. She loves it too :-)
huggles xx
ps: I have rhuematoid arthritis <hugs>

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We found it was less the brand/type and more the firmness that worked for us. We went extra firm with individual coils and have been sleeping great since. We also discovered that getting the base model and adding our own padding to the top was cheaper and allowed us to customize both sides to suit our individual tastes.

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checked the internet and looked at several sites and this was the best one!

About Doctor Recommended Mattresses | eHow.comAbout Doctor Recommended Mattresses. Chronic back pain can sometimes be linked… William L. Murphy was frustrated that the bed took up most of the room in… › ... › Furniture › Bedroom Furniture – Cached – Similar -

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A hard mattress is your best bet for a bad lower back. i have had 4 back surgeries and the harder the bed, the better. if you cannot afford another mattress, then place a piece of plywood between the top and lower mattresses. i did this and it works wonders, john

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Also put a pillow under your knees (if you sleep on your back) or between your knees (if you sleep on your side); that and an ultra-firm mattress do it for me. I’ve had two rounds of disc surgery.

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Lovin’ my tempurpedic!!
(I have heard nothing but horrible reviews for the sleep number bed. Sorry!)
I would love to be able to afford THIS matress!

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@serenity: You have to try on and lie on mattresses to determine what works for your back.

I sleep on a firm box spring, a bed board, and a superfirm foam mattress. My friends who try it say it feels like lying on concrete. I think their mattresses are squishy, unsupportive, and a recipe for disaster.

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I’ve always had a soft mattress but my mom bought me a new one for Christmas which is much more firm and my occasional back discomfort has completely dissipated. It took me a while to get used to but now I’m very glad to have it.

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So… what’s your Sleep Number? Seriously. I have one of those, too, and I generally go around 45. Sometimes higher or lower if the mood strikes me, but 45 is the number I’ve set in memory.

I’ve had mine for about two years, and never slept so well. But then, I don’t have problems with my back as a rule, unless I overexert myself while shoveling snow, or twist it somehow.

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Try Serta Posterpedic

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