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Who is Muse touring with?

Asked by Russter (242points) January 20th, 2010

Specifically I’m wondering what other bands Muse will be playing with in Salt Lake City on April 5.

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The Silversun Pickups. Wait, that’s in Atlanta. Hmmm.

Neither Ticketmaster, the E Center, nor Muse’s web site provide any hint as to who’s playing with them in Utah. Chances are, it’s not decided yet.

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It’ll be Silversun Pickups when I see them in Philly, too.

According to the SSPU website they are playing at the E Center in Salt Lake City on 4/5/2010.

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Nice follow-through, @hearkat!

And man, what an awesome show that’s gotta be.

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I saw Muse open for U2 last fall and and I am really looking forward to this show!

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