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What cities in the US have the best composting infrastrutures?

Asked by jdegrazia (266points) January 20th, 2010

I know Boulder, CO has a third bin (in addition to a trash bin and a recycling bin) for compostable materials that you can leave on the curb for pickup. Have people created similar systems elsewhere? Or dissimilar systems that achieve the same goal (less valuable, nutritious, rotting stuff into landfills, and more of that stuff back into farmland)?

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Seattle and Portland

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San Francisco has an excellent system where they’re taking primarily restaurant waste (and secondarily the green bin materials from residental users), processing that into fertilizer, and selling it to the local farmers (who then sell to the restaurants, etc. etc. etc)

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San Francisco has the best in the nation. They also had (have?) the fist mandatory composting law in the nation.

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Per The Green Makeover
San Franciso CA
Seattle WA
Boulder Colo
Austin TX
Minniapolis-St Paul Minn
Rapid City SD

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