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My 4-year-olds hands are turning red and hot -- HELP!

Asked by motherofthree (1points) February 29th, 2008

My four year old complained that her wrist was hurting. I looked and it was a little red like she had been squeezing it. Within a few minutes I started noticing that the entire backsides of her hands were becoming red. Now, an hour later they are still quite red and I can see distinct lines from where her sleeves ended on her arm. It looks very much like a sun burn – which, in three feet of snow and snowing all day isn’t even possible. I can also feel heat coming off of them like a burn though I can’t think of anything that she could have come into contact with to burn her. Also, that she would be able to tell me. Anyone have any idea what this could be? My 4 year old is not able to tell me what she did.

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Get to a doctor ASAP. This isn’t really something that should be diagnosed over the Internet.

At least call the local Ask-A-Nurse if you can.

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its possible that it could be a sunburn. Ive heard its easier to burn when snow and ice is on the ground because the sun reflects off of it. Even though its snowing, is the sun out?

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No there has been no sun out today. Plus she had been in for hours before she complained about it.

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Redness and heat and rapidity of spreading sounds really serious….particularly since you indicate that there is a problem in both her hands and arms….Is she running a fever? IAC, get off the computer and take your little girl to ER….NOW.

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Yep. think I will call the doctor now. Thanks.

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That sounds like it might be an allergic reaction. Definitely go to urgent care.

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if this serious I wouldn’t be asking people on a Internet blog/forum site, who prob. Have no medical backround, what my child’s problem was. Wow, is this what parenting has come to? Call a doctor.

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seriously. i mean i understand trying to figure out what the problem is, but if it’s a young child you should do whatever you can as quickly as you can.

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you can still get sun burn in overcast weather. Duh.

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Take her to the doctor!!! It sounds like an allergic reaction and that means it will spread over her body quickly and cut off her airflow. Get off the iPod now and go to the ER!!

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