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Can you recommend me a good torrent site for movies/tv shows?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) February 29th, 2008

I used to use iPodNova..That website was perfect..Any other similar ones?

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ishotthesheriff's avatar is great. it searches all the top torrent sites (mininova, piratebay, demonoid, etc)

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I don’t know if you use a Mac or not, but there’s an excellent application called TVShows that allows you to search and subscribe to all your favorite TV Shows, then it downloads them automatically for you in the background. Very nice.

Other than that, btjunkie is the largest torrent search site available. It has the most incoming feeds, meaning you’re going to get a bigger bang with your search. Other than that, Mininova is good too.

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I really love this site
Yeah l33t pirates!

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also you can use programs such as joost. though it is not a torrent client, joost has a pretty cool interface and is constantly adding more content. plus, it’s free!

howver, if you just want to stick with torrent sites, is pretty good. it compiles the search results from a bunch of other torrent sites.

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wow im surprised no one said this yet. probably one of the biggest sites for torrents out there now especially after supernova, torrent spy, and demonoid all got shut down.

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btjunkie is bigger than Isohunt, which essentially does the same job; search for torrents.

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demonoid trackers are back up

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I can’t believe nobody mentioned Speckly. Instead of searching only through individual sites, Speckly searches through PirateBay, isoHunt, SUMOTorrent, Monova, NewTorrent, Vuze, Mininova, Torrentreactor, BTJunkie and LegitTorrents at the same time.

Really saves me a lot of time! Try it out!

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I found this site 2day. they say it will take over for thepiratebay
its on its way. its closed community but you can get invites in the beginning.
go to irc. @ #TLB
or mail to : and ask for an invite =)
gogogogo . wont last 4 ever =)

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