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What qualities do you love the most about your spouse/partner?

Asked by max53 (305points) January 20th, 2010

What about them really does it for you? What makes you say “God I love you” when thinking about them?

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She’s frugal as me and then some. She can always figure out how to shave costs and stil make our home a warm, welcoming place and fill our dinner table with tasty, healthful food.

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They way that she makes me laugh like no other. Seriously, she’s the funniest person that I’ve ever met. She’s free-spirited, so smart (I can listen to her talk about writing/authors, the cosmos, and art all day long), her gorgeous auburn curls and light green eyes, that sexy little body, the intimacy that we share, her sense of adventure, how down to earth that she is (everyone who meets her, loves her)... how she loves me, touches me and just the way that I feel when I’m in her arms. The sex is truly amazing – such passion, love – very intense. When we’re together, no matter where we are, we feel like the only two people in the room. I love her very much.

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My wife. i have honestly got to say that this woman has never asked for anything expensive in our many years of marriage. she makes some of her clothes and has never asked or bought expensive clothers for herself. sometimes, as i sit in front of the computer, i have time to think back over all the years that my wife has really never asked for anything. she goes out to buy clothes for herself and always just buys clothes for the grandchildren. i swear if i were a rich person, i would take her on a clothes buying spree at her favorite clothing store in Nashville. my wife is mainly a home body and is perfectly content just snuggling up to me in front of our new Samsung flatscreen television. my wife actually never asks for anything. i have to force her to buy something for herself. this is just one of the many reasons i sometimes just stretch back and say “God has blessed me with an angel and i know it”.

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jmah… are truly a blessed man and i understand exactly your feelings toward your wife. you sometimes listen to everyone elses domestic problems and wonder how you became to be so lucky in love. same here. protect and take care of your wife. she appears to be a jewel.

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@john65pennington I’m a lady and she’s my girlfriend. Thank-you, though.

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I was 49 and trice married and divorced when I met and fell hopelessly and magically in love with my sweet wife who was then 54. She’d also been married more than once before and were not planning to fall in love nor marry again.

We are each others’ soul mates, the other half that makes each of us whole. She is the first one who enabled me to know what it really feels like to be loved. She tells me that it is the same for her.

Despite our reservations about remarriage, five years ago, I knew I could not imagine not being her husband and having the joy to have her be my wife. I never have regretted our decision and I know that she and I are meant for each other. My only regret is that we were not ready for each other decades earlier.

I have no desire to change her in the slightest and I know for certain, that despite my many flaws, she has no desire to “fix” or change me.

We share a very similar sense of humour, value family above money or power, see beauty in so much of the world around us and care about and try to affect some of the horrors we both see in the world. She, has so many of the attributes @john65pennington listed about his beloved. She is the sexiest most passionate grandma I could ever imagine.

On her worst day, when she is grumpy or feeling down, I still would not trade her for anyone else. I adore her and feel so lucky for every moment we get to share.

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He’s silly, not egotistic, kind, good with kids, a hard worker, a handy man, he’s neat and clean, well groomed, he has good taste in clothes, he’s a good cook, he cares about my sexual needs, he’s easy to please

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My woman is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. From the moment i met her I knew that we had a wonderful bond and great chemistry. Although she is very outgoing and I am by nature very reserved we have a lot of fun when we go out and she really makes me feel good about myself. I have gone to fall deeply in love with everything she is and everything she has to offer and I don’t want to live another day without her. She is a fantastic cook, so very polite, thoughtful of everybody and she loves me for who I am not what she wants me to be. She introduced me to the fluther family and if you are reading this sweetie.. this is for you :-) * kiss *

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humor, drama-free, honest, and totally loyal…

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Her transparency. She’s actually invisible.That’s why I love her. No dramas, no do’s and don’ts, pure freedom.

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His sense of humour and his drive to succeed.

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Jmah…......sorry for the mistake. did not know. anyway, i am still glad you guys are happy together.

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He’s caring, affectionate, funny, good looking, great in bed, kind, generous. There is nothing bad about him. We connect absolutely perfectly. He knows me inside and out. I am not perfect and yet he still wants me after all my imperfections, and God, I love him.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land you have that too and so much more, she may not be around anymore, doesn’t mean the love has died.

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He’s intelligent, a great dad and the life of the party. Most importantly he has forgiven me for some major screw ups, and because of this I know that he loves me. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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I’m in awe of the lovely things that people have said about their partners…especially the evident love @jmah has for his partner…brought a lump to my throat that somebody has found that connection with someone. That’s exactly how I would like somebody to feel about me and for them to be proud to express it.

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@definitive, but, I’m a lady. :)

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@jmah oooops sorry lol :-) ...but the same answer applies.

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Well, he is oober great. He takes time to listen to my problems, and helps me out. He is very compassionate, he loves it when we go shopping, because I am teaching him how to save, and how to cook ( without using the microwave). He is there for me, and has been since I first met him. I am very thankful that he is in my life. He treats my family and friends like they are his family, and he loves helping out around my house. He loves me for who I am. That is all I can ask for.

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She is the most fantastic person I have ever been with. She is so compassionate about my needs and concerns, loves me for who I am and lets me treat her to lots of activities and dining. She brings a fresh perspective to the world and to my life which has improved my overall happiness. She is so polite, honest, and is very nice to everyone she meets. She is absolutely beautiful in every way possible and completes my life totally, and completely. I love her more then anything else in this world.

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His great big squishy heart. He looks to the best in each person even when there are more bad things than good. He feels strongest when helping others and doesn’t seem too deeply affected if people aren’t able or choose not to reciprocate. As much as I don’t like to see him taken advantage of, I love his unjaded nature.


Kind and considerate.
Gentle, feminine, and beautiful.
A wonderful, caring mother to my two little children.
A wonderful partner to me.

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Where do I start? He is the love of my life- my soulmate.
We have been friends for years and we both had a fondness for each other but kept it as friends.
He left to the navy, we lost touch and I never thought I’d see him again.
When he came back (he got honorable discharge because he had ear damage) I fell in love all over again.
He asked me out, and I was so eager to say yes.
We didn’t have sex until a while after we were dating, and it was amazing, and he was the first guy that I ‘finished’ with. (sorry if that is tmi)
He will be the only guy I am ever with for the rest of my life.
He genuinely cares about me and other people.
I trust him with my whole heart. He means the world to me.
Even today, when I got off work, I saw that he had picked a yellow flower (my favorite color) and tucked it under my windshield wiper for me to see as I drove home.
He does sweet things like that numerous times a day. I am seriously the luckiest girl in the world, and could go on and on about all that he constantly does for me.

@everybody else; you guys sound so lucky and have wonderful relationships. I am happy for all of you (: You had such sweet things to say!

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