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How important are references when landing a job?

Asked by Facade (22937points) January 21st, 2010

I’m in the process of applying for a job, and I only have one professional/business reference. The company wants two or three.
Do you think I’ll be disregarded because I only have one reference?

The company is Nine West, if that matters.

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Provide the one business reference that you have, and then provide two personal or character references. For example, a teacher who will speak about your diligence in class. An adult friend of your family who has known you a long time.

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References are crucial on a job application. make sure all your information is current and up to date.

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I believe they are important because it business references can explain your work ethic. Try getting a coworker or a boss you worked before to provide some. Personal references are good as well, but they are hard to show how you work with others in a company. I would provide all three in some sort of way

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My first job was with Anne Klein / Nine West, so I obviously didn’t have any references. But I knew one of their employees. I think you should provide character references, like @Marina suggests. Good luck!

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@all Thanks for the tips!
I just got a call to schedule an interview! =D

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I think it more depends on the employer or place of work. Some are more concerned if you can get the job done and done right than your pedigree. It also is different if you know people in the business or the owners.

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